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Social media and marketing for your kitchen and bath business: What you can do today

Some simple advice and strategies for effectively using social media resources for kitchen and bath business marketing

Mark Buckshon

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Social media and marketing for your kitchen and bath business: What you can do today

ideas for profitability
Why social media?

Be first
Be good

Listening: Looking inside Google
"Why it works: Increases brand awareness and name recognition and has been the lead source for more than $100,000 in business over the last 18 months."
Can you quantify results?
Design Build Pros

Why it works: While the company cannot point to direct revenue, it has increased brand awareness, helped with networking and driven traffic to the company’s website

First question: Are your current clients using social media?
So, yeah, if you haven't already, sign up and open personal accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (and maybe LinkedIn.)
Are you first within your community/niche?
High client interest, low competitor interest
Low client interest, high competitor interest
"No go, yet"
High client interest, high competitor interest:
"Monitor to keep in touch with clients; find your own niche"
Low client interest, low competitor interest
"Do you have better things to do with your time? "(but worthwhile for SEO)
Client monitoring: Know who your clients are and what they are saying. Listen before you start speaking . . .

Respond to clients
Encourage testimonials
"chit chat" and social small talk
Which social media platforms
should you use?
Back to client/competition issue, and your own personal preferences. How do you value your time?
The "big boy in social media

Can you lead?

Be careful before spending much money
140 characters, lots of back and forth, much time . . . Mary Taggart uses and loves it (and a Twitter relationship with her connects you to relevant media.)
Great for images and showing off your work (and for your clients to do that too.)

Not bad for search engine optimism
Google's power behind the scenes
Linkage to search engine powerhouse
You can feed your blog postings to other social media. While "social" in that readers can comment/react, for most viewers, blogging is one-to-many. Time consuming but potentially rewarding.
Inexpensive, potentially powerful way to communicate client testimonials.
Videos -- YouTube and others
If your clients are using social media and your competitors are not, then you have a rare opportunity to take a leadership role and "own" the space
You don't need to spend much money.
You will need to spend some time.

Pick the social media platform(s) that you enjoy the most -- and which your clients use.
First step: Listen. Link your client data base with social media management services such as nimble.com
Coupon code MG65A
$4.95 online
You can know your clients and prospects better than ever before. When you are interacting with them, you can see into their lives, their interests and their passions.

Then you can respond and support these passions -- adding to rapport and helping you to enhance your relationships.
Listening: What are your current clients saying about themselves?
Although more of an issue for larger businesses, if your clients are delighted with their experience and want to share it with their friends, you have a social media home run.

If you screw up and generate negative word-of-mouth, of course you have a disaster.

You need to listen before you can engage and respond, though.
Listening: What are your current clients saying about you?
Ironwood Custom Builders, Salt Lake City
And how about Houzz?
What to say,
what to do?
Be good!

Self promotion: Maybe 10 to 20 per cent of time
Desk-based office staff with time for chit-chat do best here
Social media: It's vital to be sociable
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