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Woman Warrior

for Darian Henry

Елена Аронова

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Woman Warrior

there !
Here we
Let's find a new place
To small
To empty
now make your own story
Woman Warrior
by Maxine Hong Kingston
The sections are a combination of her autobiography and talk-stories which are a blend family stories, myths, and beliefs
No Name Woman

White Tigers


At the Western Palace

A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe
Chinese American Literature

Chinese-American literature added some important elements to the history of American literature
New topics were brought up such as the generational gap between the Chinese and the American culture, which caused a conflict between modern and traditional values
it gave us insight to the lives of the Chinese immigrants who were coming to America from China
Feminist Lens

*In No Name Girl Maxine's aunt is shamed for being raped while her husband is away. They didn't care about the man harming her aunt just that she had sex while her husband was away because the Chinese culture has very little respect for women and none for a "cheating" women.
*White Tigers show more women empowerment through Maxine's story of becoming a warrior like Fa Mu Lan. This section shows what Maxine hopes she can actually accomplish in the future being a mother and wife but also have a respected perfession and not be oppressed or looked down upon.
respected doctor and she worked hard to become one. even though she has done all of these amazing things and defied the expectations of women she still tells Maxine to be careful around men and not to let things happen to her because of her traditional Chinese views.
*At the Western Palace shows the conflicting views about women in China and America. Mazine's mom encourages her aunt to go get her husband back but she is scared too because that goes against her chinese patriarcal teachings. American culture was more modern and accepting of women but still very patriarcal.
*In A song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe Maxine blows up at her mother because she is angry and thinks her stories are all lies told to her to make her stay quiet. through a feminist lens Maxine's mother can be not lying but trying to protect her daughter by telling her stories to scare her so she isn't outspoken. Being quiet and unoticed might protect her in this tough patriarcal world.

*In Shaman Maxine's
mother is a well
Woman Warrior is divded into five sections, each section represents the women in Kingston's life.
Aronova Helen for Darian Henry
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