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Diaspora Presentation

IDA Presentation for Kingsley Aikins

Neil Sands

on 16 January 2011

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Transcript of Diaspora Presentation

Networking the Irish Diaspora
A Key Piece in Ireland's Recovery Jigsaw Presented by Kingsley Aikins What made the world's factory?
What made the world’s technology hub?
What made the world’s innovation centre?
Connecting with their diasporas
Changing Pattern of Capital Flows 180 million people live overseas

Elements of Diaspora Engagement Monetary Capital Remittances
Capital flows
Trade & commerce
VC & Angel Investment
Retail (Shopping) Human Capital Educational Exchanges
R&D Collaborations
Migration Cultural Capital Arts
History and Heritage
Tourism Social Capital Next Generation
Baby Boomers
Genealogy Diaspora Direct Investment (DDI) Israel India Scotland Australia Singapore China Israel India 4 Steps of Diaspora Strategy Research Cultivation Solicitation Stewardship Tipping Agents* Ireland Global Irish Portals for Diapora Engagement
& DDI The Ireland Funds Diaspora Direct
Investment Northern Ireland
Tipping Agents Summary All Generations Conference 1 in 10 in the developed world were born overseas
3 million people migrate annually
80 million Europeans live in other countries 70 million worldwide claim Irish descent
34 million Irish Americans (2000 Census)
5 million Scots Irish
3.8 Irish Canadians

1.9 Irish Australians
500,000 Irish Argentineans
3.1 million are Irish citizens (passport holders)
800,000 Irish born citizens live overseas
72,000 Irish passports issued annually Enormous in size, depth and talent
Non Diaspora Investor

Diaspora Investor Social recognition from diaspora & homeland
Homeland duty & bias
Emotional satisfaction: altruism
Financial Return John Gilmore
-Sling Media
Pat Toole
Dan Tully
-Merill Lynch
Shane O’Neill
-Liberty Global

Kip Condron
-AXA John Ryan
Charles Cawley
Don Keough
Loretta Brennan Glucksman
Brian Thompson

Declan Kelly Adrian Jones
James Quinn
Bob McCann
“… So I’m delighted to announce that the _______________ will help spread the model of ____________________ through a conference we will hold later this year to share best practices and smart ideas for engaging _________________________.”
State Department The American Ireland Fund Global Diaspora Communities U.S. Secretary of State, The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 18th Annual National Gala of The American Ireland Fund, Washington 16th March 2010.
Israeli Diaspora Bonds
Telling the Story Kingsley Aikins

Email: kingsley@kaa.com
Telephone: +353 86 806 4665 Crisis in banking system Death of an economic tiger Real estate collapse
No confidence in government

Future of Uncertainty Poster Children Major philanthropic and commercial investment. Home country reform and change Business and Social investmentLeadership in home institutions Higher level engagement
Ramón L.García Dov Frohman
More formal commitment (joining) Identification, Outreach, Involvement, interest and concern. Challenges Lessons What secured the Peace Process in ?
Northern Ireland Easy to start, hard to maintain
Diversity of Diaspora
Quality Vs. Quantity
Asks and Tasks -Set goals
Role of Government
Regional Diasporas Research and Data Ownership
Cohesive Global Strategy
Financing of Initiatives
National Buy-In
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