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Finding the Voice in Math Class

No description

Kimberly Jett

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Finding the Voice in Math Class

Kimberly Jett
Software Support Coordinator
Presented By
Assess students quickly and reteach on the spot
Mobile Document Camera
and Whiteboard
Document camera alternative that allows you to annotate and record your lessons. Paid version allows for import of PDFs and special backgrounds such as graph paper.
App Slam
TCEA 2015
Finding in Math Class
Norma Cantu
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Michael Trevino
Software Support Specialist
Enter your name and tell us the following:

Grade level/subject you teach

2 or 3 of your favorite Math apps and how they are used
Type name here
Vocabulary Practice
Make vocabulary memorable with a game of
Charades! Kids
Create stop motion videos of a process. For this project,
was used for a translation and reflection lesson.
Self Checking
MyScript Calculator
for solutions to handwritten problems from simple addition to calculus!
Khan Academy
videos for instruction, review, or tutoring and paste a
QR Code
to their classwork/homework worksheets for additional instruction!
Informal Assessment
Check for understanding by encouraging students to create a video as they import pictures, label, and narrate.
Instructional Resources
Explain their Work
Students and teachers alike can explain how to work out a problem as they annotate and narrate through slides using
Student Sample
- https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/math-minute/24726551/?s=RIIKBL
Teacher Sample
- https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/area-model-for-multiplying-fractions/14660543/?ref=link
x=-b+ v b-4ac

Additional Tools
Digital alternatives to common math manipulatives
Angle Meter
Schoolkit Math
Virtual Manipulatives
"to solve the problem..."
Math Learning Center
Number Line
Number Pieces
Number Frames
Number Rack
Math Vocabulary Cards
Pattern Shapes
#thevoiceinmathclass #tcea15
Thank You!
As you return to your respective learning spaces, my hope is that every student will find their #voiceinmathclass as they problem solve and justify their thinking!

Become stars as you record original works (lessons) accessible for 24/7 learning!
Join Us on Wednesday @ Noon!
Edgewood ISD - San Antonio, TX
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