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Video Games as a Language Immersion Tool

No description

Sérgio Real

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Video Games as a Language Immersion Tool

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start! Dubbing - Culture The Cons Video Games are a much more powerful tool than they are believed to be. What is Language Immersion? Surround yourself with the Language Music Can Help You! Characters As Teachers Subbing: Video Games as a Language Immersion Tool Dubbing and Subbing Dub Sub France - Nearly 100% U.S.A - Nearly 100% Japan - Around 70% U.K - Nearly 100% Portugal - Around 15% And now for some numbers! Did you know? 2 out of 5 gamers are girls! !Video Games Are Always There For You! Average Playing Time U.S.A: 13h per Week Japan: 13h per Week Europe: 10h per Week "Learning a song is getting to know the language and the culture. Learning a language is like learning a musical instrument." - Improve your accent -Develop an interest in music Did you know? People who play video games are more likely to learn how to play a musical instrument." - Simple Words - Expressions - Sentences Did you know? The first game to get a classification for over 18 was a game about Jack the Ripper. Which Means: You can learn while playing! Oh can I, can I really?!
-Limited View
-Distracts Attention Dubbing: -Adjustment to Speech Duration
-Manipulation and Censorship
-Problems with Environmental Noise Did you know? The average gamer is 32 years old. Wanna be a ninja? Video games improve reflexes! An eye-movement-registration experiment by Gielen and d'Ydewalle (1982) proved that viewers had developed a "Viewing Strategy" by keeping their eyes just above the subtitles, allowing them to pay attention to the picture and to keep track of the subtitles at the same time.
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