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Topic Sentence

No description

Tricia Mendoza

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Topic Sentence

Topic Sentence During writing a paragraph The topic sentence is a statement that generally introduces the topic and thus it is often referred to as: the opening statement. Keep in mind that the readers will greatly rely on what it says so as they can decide if the paragraph is worth reading or not. It gives them a broad view of what you are writing about because the topic sentence is meant to state the main idea of the paragraph. It helps readers save time as it tells them what the reset of the paragraph is all about. What is a topic sentence? 2 kinds of topic sentence: 1. A statement of opinion

it contains some form of judgement and the
paragraph will support the opinion in the topic sentence.

example: The computer is the greatest invention of the 20th century. 2. A statement of intent

it contains no opinion;instead, it informs the reader of what will be objectively explained by paragraph.

example: The common seasoning monosodium glutamae (MSG) has negative side effects. 3 Guidelines for topic sentence:
1. Must be a complete sentence to perform all necessary functions.

weak: Some type of birth control should be provided by schools.
better: To prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease, schools should provide every form non- prescriptions birth control available.

2. Must predict or promise what follows, so it cannot be a question.

weak: Should school provide free for their students?
better: Since school should assist students in their studies and prepare them for their future careers, they must offer students the technological advantage of free and easy access to computers.

3. It needs to be clear and specific, so that it cannot predict and summarize the rest of the paragraph.

weak: Public transits is terrible.
better: Incapable of providing reliable, comfortable service, the Francisco Muncipal Transmit system is failing its ridership. sources: http://jonsenglishsite.info/topicsentence.htm
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