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Bate Neil

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Triangles

What are angles?

Angles are a measure of turn. Follow these simple rules for angles:

Angles are measured in degrees. The sign for degrees is °.

One whole turn is 360°. a is an example of a whole turn.

One quarter turn is 90° or a right angle. b is an example of a quarter turn.

One half turn is 180° or a straight line. c is an example of a half turn.

Equilateral Triangle
All my_____________are the same
Isosceles triangle
I have_____________angles the same
Using a protractor

•Line up the protractor so the 'cross hair' is exactly on the angle.

•Line up one of the lines with the 0 line on the protractor.

•See which numbers the angle comes between. If it is between 40 and 50, the angle must be thirty something degrees.

•Count the small degrees up from 40. In this example, the angle is 45°.

Got it? Lets see...

Can I calculate angles in a triangle?

Can I calculate angles on a straight line?

Can I identify > or < than angles?
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