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extinct animales and global warming

No description

jazmine robertson

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of extinct animales and global warming

Endangered and Extinct animals
ways to help endangered animals as well as nature
if these previous actions that were shown in the pictures don't come to a stop then there wouldn't be any wildlife whats so ever on earth.
The causes of Endangered and Extinct animals.
Due to pollution, over harvesting, taking animals for profit, hunting and trapping and destruction of habitat more and more animals are being added to the endangered or extinct species list.
•One of the most important ways that you can do to help endangered animals is by protecting their habitat.
• Some areas have groups which look after local lands and nature reserves.
They do this by removing weeds and planting local native species in their place.
You could join one of these groups, or even start a new one with your parents and friends. Ask your local parks authority or council for information.
• By removing trash and weeds and replanting with natives you will allow the native plants to gradually regenerate. Which will also encourage native animals to return.
Thank You for your attention ( :
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