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Non renewable and renewable resources project

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jesus santiago

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Non renewable and renewable resources project

Hydro-power and nuclear energy

BY: Jesus S.
Uranium is found in the planets mantle, element is found in minerals ,mainly collected from uranium ore which is found in mines from Canada,Russia,sub-Saharan Africa

1. first you mine uranium, uranium fuel is put in a reactor
2.control rods made of cadmium and boron that can
be raised or lowered into a reactor to slow down or speed up a chain reaction
3.water is pumped through a reactor to collect the heat energy that the chain reaction produces, its a closed loop linking reactor with a heat exchanger
4.the loop has water which gives cool energy the it turns into steam, the water is contaminated and radioactive
5.the steam goes to a turbine
the steam pushes it and it goes high speeds, turbine is connected to an electricity generator,which makes it spin also
6. that's how nuclear power works!
How nuclear power is made
1.lower cost to conduct
2. uranium is one of the most common minerals in earth
3. it generates a lot of energy
1.long time to construct
2.waste lasts 200-500 thousand years
3. not renewable,runs out

Is this resource technology widely used or accepted today? Why or Why Not?

Yes it is because it produces great amounts of energy

How should we manage this source so we don’t run out?

First off uranium is really common, but we could use more renewable resources, and only use it to power important things


We get the resource from water.
Water is found in
How Hydro power works!
It's a use force from water falling onto a turbine
An exciter powers the rotators.
As the rotators and its magnetic field turn, an electric charge is created in the stator
A transformer increases the voltage of the current coming from the starter

1.last a long time
2.low cost to operate
3.can be used constantly

We can’t really run out of this resource because of the water cycle

Yes because most places have bodies of water and it renewable, so it would power stuff until the sun explodes

How should we manage this source so we don’t run out?

We can’t really run out of this resource because of the water cycle.

1.high cost to make
2.affect wildlife like fish
3.it could flood while building
video of hydro power/hydro electric
Video of nuclear energy
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