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Allstars 2014-2015

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of glasses

Main Idea
There are so many kinds of glasses like 3d, regular, reading, sun glasses,
fake glasses, goggles, and just for fun nerd glasses, etc.
All these pages are about glasses so enjoy!!!!!! :)
The first lenses for correcting astigmatism were designed by George Airy in 1825.
The earliest mention of eyeglasses in China occured in the 15th century when the chinese sources state that eyeglasses are inported.
Did you know that the inventor
is unknown? Well it is, so that
means that People really
don't know who made glasses
and helped a bunch of people
who had trouble reading or seeing.

Information about the
The first pair of eye
glasses were made in
Italy about 1284.By 1302
there was a guild reulation in Venice
governing the sale of
Thank you for watching my Prezi.
: )
by: tori g. reyes
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