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BTEC Level 1 – Sport

No description

Billy Marsden

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of BTEC Level 1 – Sport

Welcome to sport and fitness
BTEC Level 1 – Sport
BTEC Level 1 qualifications
are designed to enhance learners’ work and life skills
in a range of vocational contexts.
Head of Department: JULIE EVENS
Section Leader: Shaun Clifford
Course Coordinator: Billy Marsden
Pastoral Tutor: Mr Moss
Course Administrator: Barbara Stock
• Unit 4 Taking part in sport
• Unit 6 Improving own fitness
• Unit 7 Investigating Rights and Responsibilities at work
• Unit 8 Managing your Health at work
• Unit 9 Safe Learning in the workplace
• Unit 10 Risks and Hazards in sport and fitness
• Unit 11Taking Part in Exercise and Fitness
• Unit 12 How The Body Works
• Unit 13 Planning Own Fitness Programme
• Unit 14 Leading a Sports & Active Leisure Activity
• Unit 17 Job Opportunities in Sport & Active Leisure
• Unit 18 Physical Activities for Children
Overview of the course
Assessment requirements
Progression routes
Practical activity/off site procedure
Head of Department: Julie Evens

Section Leader: Shaun Clifford

Level 1: Sport and Fitness: Billy Marsden

Level 2: Coaching: Billy Marsden

Level 2 Fitness: Mark barrow

Level 3 Sport: David O’Donovan

Level 3 Personal Training: Mark Barrow

Level 3 sports scince: wes Fox

Level 3 year 2 sport: Shaun Clifford
Pastoral Tutors
Sport and Fitness
Room 423
t: 0208 508 8311 ex: 7324
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