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No description

Amy Morales

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of PROMETHEUS

Special Powers/importance
~Prometheus had the power of forethought.
~Prometheus created man from water and earth, and by doing so, he defied Zeus.
~He stole skills and fire from the gods to give to mankind.
~He helped create and then befriend mankind.

Protector and benefactor of man. He gave mankind a number of gifts including fire. He also tricked Zeus into allowing man to keep the best part of the animals sacrificed to the gods and to give the gods the worst parts.
Prometheus and Rosa Parks
We compared Prometheus to Rosa Parks. Prometheus gave fire to the humans and Rosa Parks gave a certain freedom to black people. Prometheus was punished by getting his liver eaten and Rosa Parks was punished by being arrested. They both gave something of importance to people. A privilege. Something that could easily be abused.
Relationships (family)
~ Iapetus the Titan (God of Mortality), was the father and Clymene the Oceanid the mother of Prometheus.
~ Epimetheus was his brother , and he had the power of afterthought.
~ Prometheus was the younger brother of Atlas.
Prometheus brought fire down to earth for the humans, and later got punished for it by Zeus.
Also, Prometheus is a titan, and his mother and father were: Iapetus the titan, and Clymene the Oceanid.
Finally, Prometheus' main special power was the power of forethought .

Summary of Prometheus
Cosmic in size with rather long and unshorn hair. Presumably because since his hands were bound by chains, he could not groom himself. There's no other historical physical description of him documented. The closest we can get to an ancient description of Prometheus would have to be based on ancient Greek vase art mostly depicting him in his imprisonment when a giant monster bird is rending his liver on a daily basis.
Video about Prometheus
Generations later the great hero Herakles came along and released the old Titan from his torture.
Relationships (With other Gods and Goddesses)
The main Gods Prometheus was associated with (who weren't relatives), were Zeus and Hercules. He had a bad relationship with Zeus. He liked to ask him lots of questions, which Zeus did not like. Zeus was also the one to imprison Prometheus for giving fire the the people of earth. Hercules was the one to save Prometheus from his imprisonment.
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