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Career Information Literacy Presentation

This presentation examines career information literacy and discusses how to incorporate career information literacy into the academic curriculum.

Kelly Robinson

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Career Information Literacy Presentation

Successful Career Literacy Programs
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
"The Big Picture"
Case Studies
Case #1: University of South Florida
Counseling faculty
Case #2: University at Buffalo Libraries
Collaboration with Career Services
Case #3: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Collaboration between the Business & Economics Library (BEL) & Business & Career Services Office (BCSO)
Our experience - Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Partner with Student Services - University Writing Center
Wasn't available on campus
Library provided study room space for visiting consultant
Visits twice weekly and online
We assist with marketing - fliers, blog, Facebook, LibGuides, etc.
UWC assists with resumes, cover letters, job applications
A combination of the following:
Information fluency skills
Critical thinking, information literacy, and computer literacy
Career Literacy
Skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are related to the acquisition, understanding, and application of information needed to manage one's own career development
(Magnusson and Redekopp, 2011)

Typical career literacy interventions often used in public libraries or by career counselors:
Helping patrons locate and understand labor market information
Helping patrons develop job search skills
Dealing with employability attitudes
Institutional Benefits
Teaching Methods
Librarians attended courses as guest lecturers, conducting information sessions on finding and synthesizing career and company information from a variety of resources
Assignments to reinforce & assess student skills
Materials developed for self-paced & visual learners
Career & Company Research LibGuide & handouts
Videos - Hoover's, databases, OneSearch, APA Citations
Moving Forward...
Career Information Literacy
Kelly Robinson
University of Central Florida Libraries

Case studies report students asking about career resources after class/workshop is over
Increase in reference questions
Increase in instruction sessions
Improved overall library outreach to students & faculty
Career Information Literacy Resources
Began appearing @2007 during economic downturn
Literature focuses on application in schools of business, counseling, and hospitality
Considerable research on the qualities employers are looking for in job applicants & recent graduates
Career Information Literacy in the Literature
Support for Career Information Literacy
74.1% of employers looked for evidence of problem solving skills on a candidate’s resume (NACE, 2011, p. 27).
The abilities to “make decisions and solve problems” and “ability to obtain and process information” were both listed in the top four of ten most important candidate skills and qualities for employers (NACE, 2011, p. 28).

"There is a distinct difference between today's graduates who demonstrated how quickly they found answers online and seasoned employers who needed college hires to use a combination of online and traditional methods to conduct comprehensive research" (Head, 2012, p. 1)
What is Career Information Literacy?
Our Story
Case #1 – University of South Florida

Counseling faculty implement a career info lit program
Developed career website for use in training students to use technology & acquire technical competencies
Use technology to develop a web page or eportfolio
Use technology to develop group presentation, letters, and reports
Search online for career, employment, and training programs information
Evaluate the quality of internet information

Course assignments use website and "Big6" Skills:
Task definition
Information-seeking strategies
Location and access
Use of information
Case #2 - University at Buffalo Libraries Collaboration with Career Services
Library outreach to academic departments is necessary for successful information literacy initiatives, but student services divisions are often overlooked
The library worked with Career Services
Shared resources
Revamped the Career Services Library
Collaborated on workshops and instruction
Taught students how to research and explore career paths
How to search through business directories
How to research industries or specific companies
How to conduct effective job searches
How to evaluate employment resources on the internet
Held reference shifts in Career Services office and Career Services in the Library
Collaborated on web development

Case #3 – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign collaboration between the Business and Economics Library (BEL) and the Business Career Services Office (BCSO)
Began with career workshops
Contact the participants beforehand to ask names of companies, industries, and related issues they hoped to learn more about - to personalize the research
Workshop organized in 3 parts:
The importance of company and industry research for a job search
The key resources available at BEL for company and industry research
Discussion of questions submitted beforehand
• Offered individual research consultation sessions to workshop participants
• Taught how to tailor resumes, cover letters, and interviews based on well-designed company inquiry

About the Universal Orlando Foundation Library (Rosen Library)
Figure 1. Information Literacy & Career Literacy Interventions
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Fall 2012 partnered with select teaching faculty
Conducted 6 sessions
Short! 15-30 minutes
All students provided print handouts & digital resource
Career & Company Research Libguide
Class assignments & library assignments with career literacy outcomes used for reinforcement & assessment
Better LibGuides based on best-practices & student feedback
More videos on career & company research
Potential partnerships with other student services organizations
Research & assessment!
Any questions?
Zalaquett, C. P., & Osborn, D. S. (2007). Fostering counseling students' career information literacy through a comprehensive career web site. Counselor Education And Supervision, 46(3), 162-171.

Hollister, C. (0001). Bringing information literacy to career services (English). Reference Services Review, 33(1), 104-111.

Song, Y. (2005). Collaboration with the Business Career Services Office: A Case Study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Research Strategies, 20(4), 311-321.
Works Cited
Head, A. J., & Project Information, L. (2012). Learning Curve: How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once They Join the Workplace. Project Information Literacy Research Report.
National Association of Colleges and Employers. (2012) Job Outlook 2013.
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