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William Barber

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of October

October 14th, 2016
M: Staying in your seat
V: Voice level at 0
P: Reflecting on yesterdays project.
Vocabulary terms..
Invent- to develop a new product or system that has never existed before.

Innovate- to improve an existing technological product, system or method.

Work Period
Read through the article on blanket innovation and answer the following questions in your notebook...
1. Explain how does this blanket keep you cool?
2. Who designed it?
3.What was the problem they were trying to identify in the engineering process?
4. Why would this material help people save money on their energy bills??
5.. Would you purchase this blanket??

Wrap up
Reflect on the article and this weeks engineering process
Intro next week-Force & Motion (Unit 2)
Mini Lesson- 10 Minutes.
What does it mean to

What does it mean to

Is there a difference between both words? Explain..
: On this Do Now it will be in your notebook.
Reconstruct your blueprint on the tower you designed on yesterdays project.
Did things go as planned? What worked? What didn't? If you could do something differently with your design what would you do?
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