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Declaration of Independence

No description

lego dragon

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
History of the Declaration
The year was 1776 and the War for Independence was in full swing in America. The 13 U.S. colonies were battling against Great Britain for independence. The Colonists didn't like the laws that King George III was issuing and wanted to become a new nation.

Sam Adams , a congressman of Massachusetts who also wanted change, persuaded Thomas Jefferson to write a document declaring independence from Great Britain.
The Declaration of Independence is a object of much controversy. It means many different things, to different people, and it is unknown what Thomas Jefferson meant at certain parts. However, we can guess based on the beliefs of that time, and the popularly known beliefs of Thomas Jefferson. By that logic, when he wrote, "
all men are created equal"
, he was meaning all free, white men.

The Declaration of Independence was meant for all Americans and for the king himself. It was meant to send a message to Great Britain (mainly King Henry),and all Americans, that the United States was now a free country and independent from England!
In conclusion the Declaration of Independence is a very very important piece of 'Murican history.
The last time the British fought with America was the Revolutionary War, also known as the War for Independence. This presentation is about the piece of paper that started that war!

By Isaac, Cory, and Nate
The Declaration of Independence was born
Many important people helped write this historic document, including:
Ben Franklin
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
And here is how it began...
When in the course of human events...
This is the preamble to the Declaration and the first part of this document, which describes what the document is about ...
There are 6 parts of the Declaration...

Def; This document is very important in American history, mostly because it describes the demands of our forefathers. It also informed King George III of what a poor leader he was, as well as declaring Independence from England.
The second part of the Declaration states the beliefs of the American people...
Unfit to be the ruler of a free people...
In the third part of the document is a list of grievances, or complaints, about the laws governing the them.
We therefore...
The last part of this document declares independence from Great Britain!
Nate Kuczun
Isaac Bell
Cory Hacker
The forth part of the Declaration of Independence is a list of prior attempts to solve those grievances.
Nor have We...
Representatives from all of the 13 colonies signed this document. Some of the more important signatures were Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Sam Adams, and Elbridge Gerry.
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