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The Final Years of the Republic

No description

Dylan Bliven

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of The Final Years of the Republic

Now that there was many slave they revolted. It was deadly but many rebles survived.
Julius Caesar
At home before the assignation his wife told him not to go but he insisted.
War Kills Many
Rome's army produced many such leaders and 200,000 Romans were killed in a civil war in 80s BCE
Thank you!
Final Years
The Empire had a leader named Julius Caesar who made many expansion. By winning many wars.
Pompey expanded Roman rule in eastern landseas Syria and island of Cyprus.
The Final Years of the Republic
By: Dylan Bliven, Gavin Currie, Mark Gouzoulis, Armaan Mokha, and Riley Keegan
Tempers Flare
Julius Caesar introduced many reforms, got stabbed, and the murders thought they were saving the Rome empire.
There were many wars there for captured many people during the wars then turned them in to slaves.
Too Many
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