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Informal Letter Writing

No description

Jennifer Leon

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Informal Letter Writing

Informal Letter Writing
Informal Letter
Informal letters are written to people that we know well.

We can write about our holiday, new experiences, personal problems, etc.

Informal letters are written in a personal tone and in an informal style,
Informal Letters
When giving news in your letters, we should use Present Perfect and Past Simple.

Present Perfect is used to refer to recent activities.

Past Simple is used to refer to activities that happened in the particular time in the past.
Informal Letters
In informal letters we should talk about more than one topic.

You should begin a new paragraph for each topic, or for a different aspect of the main topic.
Parts of Informal Letters
Greeting / Introduction
Main Body
Informal Ending
An informal greeting

Dearest Mandy,
Dear Mandy,
Good Afternoon,


introduction in which you write your opening remarks and state the reason for writing.
I'm writing to ask for your advice...
I would love for you to come to...
Thank you for your invitation...
Main body - write about the main
topic of the letter in detail

Each new topic, or thought, needs to be a new paragraph.
All paragraphs need to be related to the main topic in some way.
Conclusion - where we write out closing

Please let me know what you think I need to do...
Let me know what happened...
I am looking forward to seeing you...
We will have to get together next time...
An informal ending

Thank You,

Types of Informal Letters
Letters asking for advice

Letters giving advice

Informal letters of invitations

Personal Letters
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