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No description

Michael Lai

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of health

Batminton By:Michael Lai Cognotive Stage Beginner stage
Make frequent mistakes
Need demonstarations
Slow and uncoordinated
Need to concentrate and feedback to reconize errors Associative Stage Practice stage
Fewer and smaller mistakes
Able to reconize errors
More cooridinated and faster
Able to work on specific skills Autonomous Stage Highly skilled stage
Little to no mistakes
Less likely to be distracted by enviroment
Well coordinated
Preform skills with power speed and efficiency
Natural movements as if automatic

Activity one Serving Warm-Up Line-Tag with push-ups Quadriceps
Hamstings (Biceps Femoris)
Calves (Gastrocnemius) Forearms (Brachioradialis)
Triceps (Tricep Brachii)
Shoulders (Deltoids) Activity two Random serves Results able to predict the balls landing position
rally for at least 5 hits Feedback run for the ball
congradutory statements Type of practice Whole and Part learning coordinating
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