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Mrs. Judith Loftus

No description

sarah antiles

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. Judith Loftus

Mrs. Judith Loftus:
Mrs. Loftus is lonely in her new town.
Therefore, she is eager to talk with Huck. She tells him all about "his murder."
She is a typical woman of her time
; Huck finds her in the house knitting, while her husband is out.
Her views on slavery reflect those of most southerners at the time
. Unaware of the inconsistency of her views, she is eager to help Huck, a white runaway orphan; however, she wants to capture Jim, a black runaway slave.
Observant and perceptive;
Mrs. Loftus knows Jackson's Island is uninhabited. Upon seeing smoke coming from the island, she concludes, "like as not that nigger's hiding over there...," (pg. 64).
Mrs. Loftus caught Huck in his disguise. She "spotted (you) Huck when (you) he was threading the needle; and (I) contrived the other things just to make certain..," (pg. 67).

Huckleberry Finn:
Huck is a crafty yarn teller;
Huck told Mrs. Loftus that he was Sarah Williams from Hookerville. After he messed up on his name, he quickly made up that, "some calls (me) him Sarah, some calls (me) him Mary," (pg.64).
Later, Huck made up that he was George Alexander, an orphan, taken in by a mean farmer. He was running away to live with his uncle, Abner Moore. He told Mrs. Loftus that he "struck out for this town of Goshen," (pg. 66) and acted shocked to find out he was actually in St. Petersburg. This lie gave him an excuse to leave immediately so he could reach "Goshen," before morning. Huck hurries to warn Jim that they have been discovered on Jackson's Island.

By: Sarah Antiles
Mrs. Judith Loftus
Ms. Prostko
Block 1 A/C
Mrs. Loftus and her husband are trying to capture Jim, a runaway slave. Meanwhile, Mrs. Loftus is eager to help Huck when she falsely learns that he is a "runaway prentice." She reassures Huck, "I'll help you...You've been treated bad, and you made up your mind to cut. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on you," (pg.66).
Mrs. Loftus assumed that Huck was a boy by the way he thread a needle and the way he threw and caught the lead. Stereotyping is a motif throughout the novel. The white southerners stereotyped African Americans as inferior people who are meant to be enslaved.
Huckleberry Finn and Jim are hiding on Jackson's Island. They are eager to know what is going on in town. Huck investigates by disguising himself as a girl, and knocking on Mrs. Judith Loftus' door.
This antic gives humor to the novel.
The novel is narrated in first person. Therefore, Mrs. Judith Loftus is needed to inform Jim, Huck, and the reader of what is going on in town.

Mrs. Loftus tells Huck:
Initially, Pap was the primary suspect of Huck's murder. However, because Jim ran away the night of the murder, Jim is also considered a suspect.
Pap's guilt was less certain; he felt comfortable reappearing in town to beg for money from Judge Thatcher to, "search for Jim." Pap ran off with the money and got drunk with it.
There is a two-hundred dollar reward for finding Pap, and a three-hundred dollar reward for finding Jim.
Mrs. Loftus' husband is leaving after midnight to search for Jim on Jackson's Island.
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