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The Canadian Pacific Railway

No description

Harshetha Sundar

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of The Canadian Pacific Railway

Dream Of The Railway John. A. Macdonald had the dream of creating a country from 'sea to sea'. The railway would fulfill this dream by connecting Eastern Canada and Westen Canada. Reasons for Building the Railway Boost the Canadian Economy.
Keep American products out of Canada.
Fill the rich Praire land with settlers.
Eastern settlers would buy agricultural products from the western settlers & vice-versa. Pacific scandal Sir Hugh Allan bribed the Conservative Party to win the election so that the railway would be built. People found out about this and it thus became a scandal. The Liberals took over during the next election and thus slowed down the process of building the railway. Problems 'Coolies' Half of the labourers who built the railway were Chinese. The had to go through back-breaking work but were paid only half of what white workers were paid. They did all of the dangerous work and most of them died. Northern Ontario &
The Praires They had to cut through hill, fill in the swamps and blast through rocks.
Workers were disturbed by mosquitoes and blackflies. Financial Problems $7.5 million worth of dynamite was needed to blast through Ontario granite.
1885-The CPR still needed money to finish the railway.
But George Stephen and Donald Smith saved the day by gathering $1 million dollars to donate to the CPR. However, the Conservative Party was
re-elected after
John. A. Macdonald
suggested 'The National Policy', which encouraged trade between Canadians thus increasing local economy. Completion of the Railway On November 7, 1885 The Canadian Pacific Railway was finally completed. William Van-Horne 1843 - Born in Illinois
Began working on railroads in 1857.
Had worked on the Michigan central railway, Chicago and Altan Railway, etc.
1882 - Appointed as General Manager of CPR.
1888 - Became President of CPR. Important People Conservatives are 'back on track' Sir Hugh Allan 1810 - Born in Saltcoats, Ayrshire.
Was a shipping magnate, railway promoter, financier and capitalist.
Owned the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
Bribed the Conservative Party so that they would win the election. Alexander Mackenzie 1822-Born in Perthshire, Scotland.
Worked as a stone-mason when he immigrated to Canada.
1873-1878 Was the 2nd Prime Minister of Canada after Pacific Scandal. John. A. Macdonald 1815-Born in Glasgow, Scotland.
Started his career as a lawyer.
Came up with the idea of 'Confederation'.
Leader of Conservative Party.
1867-1st Prime Minister of Canada after Confederation.
1873-Lost his post in second term due to 'Pacific Scandal'.
Was re-elected in 1878 with majority government. Introduction Canadian Pacific Railway The End
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