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ABC Book: The Giver

No description

Sativa Torres

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of ABC Book: The Giver

ABC Book: The Giver
By: Sativa Torres

C -
Color, something that only Jonas can see
D -
December, the month in which everyone has there birthday
A -
Asher, Jonas's best friend, he used to always use improper language
B -
Bicycles, Lily will be receiving a bike at the age of 9
F -
Fiona, Jonas's friend, caretaker of the old
E -
Elders, the most important people in the community
G -
Gabe, he became apart of Jonas and was a big change in his life
H -
Hills, one thing Jonas sees when he recieved memories
I -
Intelligence, one of the three traits you needed to be the "Reciever of Memory"
J -
Jonas, the main character of the book, he is the "Reciever of Memory", has many qualities many others don't and is capable of anything
K -
Killer, Jonas has once called his dad a killer
L -
Love, a feeling Jonas had never felt before, love was considered bad in the community
M -
Memories, these gave Jonas a new perspective on life
N -
Nurturers, care taker of children, Jonas's father is a nurturer
O -
Opinions, are not made in the community
P -
Pain, it is a feeling The Giver would get
Q -
Quickly, Jonas started to see change (color)
R -
Release, is getting put down for elsewhere
S -
Sameness, this existed within Jonas's community, Jonas did not likes sameness
T -
The Giver, The Giver is the most important character, he was once the reciever and now is the Giver
U -
Uniqueness, was not allowed in the commnity
V -
Vehicles, they seemed to have cars
W -
Weather, the weather never changed they had climate control
X -
X-mas, a holiday that Jonas never knew of where there was love and family
Y -
Years, everyone recieved something new each year until the age of 12
Z -
Zipper, if you new how to zip your zipper then it showed independence
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