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Creating the environment that allows for success

Josh Wilder

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Teamwork

TEAMWORK! A concept we all need to grasp. What?....Teamwork?... Alright Merriam Webster.... shoot away : work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole Defined for Managers : turning the talents, knowledge and efforts of individuals into a collective force. You know how? okay, here's the techniques... Effective Team Building Techniques Common problems include.... Survey your workplace Additude check? advoid being individualistic selfishness NO...its not okay! This is a understanding on your part here's some more techniques Clarity Clear team goals Build trust with your group Openness Team consensus and commitment No Blocked lines of communication Be careful with interpersonal conflict empower your employees Don't limit yourself to negativity Every single member in your office is affected by teamwork Bringing teamwork into the workplace
Visualize Results: Expected Results of Action Consequenses of Inaction You're the manager? sure, but do you know the steps? 1. Assess your own behavior II. Establish a common goal III. Getting everyone involved IV. Allow teams to develop V. Keep people motivated Avoid complaining Negative energy is always bad it sends a message... Explain to your employees: 1. Clear expectations 2. set a common goal Encourage brain storming as a group.... don't rush problem solving problems can be resolved as group Your employees need:
1) opportunies to get to know each other 2) Mingle time before a meeting YOU'RE THE MOTIVATOR 1. gOALS ARE ACCOMPLISHED BY CELEBRATION OF ACHEIVEMENTS 2. kNOW THE KEY COMPONENTS OF TEAMWORK

cLEAR DIRECTION lEADERSHIP sUPPORT rECOGNITION tHE mAX mESSmER APPROACH Max Messmer is chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc
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