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My Digital Story

A story of my experiences with all things digital/computer from early beginnings to current projects.

aaron mueller

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of My Digital Story

My Digital story
by Aaron Mueller
My First Video Game System
(aka early computer)
Atari 2600
This amazing machine was the
first to bring the digital world into
my life. I spent many hours playing
with this!
My second video game system
Sega Master
This machine was revolutionary!
A light gun, lots of
and many cool games!
My third video game system
I had to wait many years to get my
first NES, but it was worth the wait.
Super Mario Brothers, Duckhunt and
many other great games!
My fourth video game system
Finally! Gaming on the go! The
Game boy changed the nature of
video-gaming, making it portable!
Game Boy
My first Computer!
At last! My very own computer
5 1/4 'floppy' disks, 2 colour screen
no hard drive, but lots of games,
word-processing, and Oregon trail!
This computer had no "operating system"
You had to boot up the computer using a
special disk, and then load up whatever program
you wanted to use.
My first PC!
Oh, the power! This first IBM PC,
based on the 8086 processor was screaming!
We had 1mb of RAM, a 20mb Hard drive, and
an Orange and Black screen. I even believe we
had a 9600 baud modem for dialing up to BBS
(like Schoolnet). The operating system was an
early form of MS-DOS
Moving on up!
After the XT, the 'upgrading' every
few years was a constant, always moving
our way up the "86" line. The 286 had a
faster processor, more colours (8 bit colour!)
more ram, and more hard drive space.
Getting More!
Oh the 386! More RAM, faster CPU,
better display, faster modems 14.4K!
But, best of all, Windows 3.1! Graphical
user-interfaces at last! A mouse! And the
introduction of the 3 - 1.4 "Hard" floppy disks.
Oh the Power!
486s were the end of the line for the "86"
series. These were screaming machines,
with 16mb of ram, a CPU that ran at 40mhz,
16bit colour screens, Windows 3.1
(with networking!) and GAMES! Commander
Keen, Doom, Wolfenstein 3-D, Myst, Wing
Commander. Too many to recount.
The advent of the "pentium" line from Intel
really changed the computer landscape. This is
when I started building my own computers,
customizing the parts, overclocking my Pentium 90mhz
to run faster than meant to, added in more ram, a better
video card and was able to connect to the internet and
download new music files called "mp3"s!!! All of this was
done on my snazzy new Operating system, Windows 95!
The Mhz RACE!
Soon after the mid-90s, another CPU maker
entered the market. AMD began producing
cheaper and more "over-clockable" CPUs that
could be unlocked with a simple pencil, using the
lead to connect to soldering points. This was the
start of the CPU race, and the climb from megahertz
to GIGAHERTZ (OS = Windows 98), my computer
was a DURON 700mhz, overclocked to 900mhz!
Once Intel and AMD had really maxed out
how many Gigahertz they could squeeze out of
one CPU, they began putting multiple CPUs on
the same "core". My next computer was a
"Dual-core" AMD Athlon X2, running at 2.1ghz, I
over-clocked it to 2.2ghz. OS was Windows XP
for many years. Multi-cores allowed more programs
to run concurrently without slowing down the system!
Pentium 4
The next leap in computers was up into
GIGAHERTZ range! Computers were
running extremly hot, as they had massive
amounts of electricity running through them
My Pentium 4 ran at 2.1ghz, with 1gigabyte
ram, dedicated 3-d videocards, 60gigabyte
harddrives and Windows XP!
AMD Athlon
Getting Smaller!
Now that desktop computers are more
than powerful enough to handle most things
we throw at them, I addressed a different need,
portability! Computers needed to be able to travel,
fit in my backpack, connect wirelessly to the net,
and last all day without plugging them in.
(CPU = 1.6ghz single core, 1gb of Ram, 160gb of
hard drive space)
Smart Phones
The next phase in this digital story is the
smartphone revolution. A continuation of
need to have more computing, right in my pocket,
this Motorola Droid is a full linux based computer,
programmed by Google with their special "Android"
operating system. CPU = 550mhz, 256mb of ram,
large screen, 16gb of storage, and all sorts of connectivity!
My Computer
Intel i5 Quad-core processor, running
at 3.4ghz. It also has 8gb of RAM, a 128gb SSD Hard Drive, an AMD 6850 Video Card, 1tb HD, and all the regular stuff (keyboard, case, dvd burner, etc).

I've been able to 'over-clock' this computer to run it at 4.3 ghz using just the stock cooling fans. It is a great gaming machine and has been working great for almost 2.5 years!
Intel i5
Atari - http://www.flickr.com/photos/unloveable/2387664919/
Gameboy - http://www.flickr.com/photos/unloveable/2400086035/in/set-72157604384079256/
Sega - http://www.flickr.com/photos/21687872@N04/2342885687/
NES - http://www.flickr.com/photos/woolner/2172489041/
Apple IIe - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmatting/144862832/
XT & 386 - http://www.frontier-electronics.co.za/early_computers.htm
Acer Aspire One - http://www.acer.com/aspireone/
All other photos were either my own, or freely available
All FLIKR images were
used under a "creative commons"
My Current Smart Phone
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Getting a little old,
this phone has been rooted and now runs
Cyanogenmod. Until my next new smart phone comes out, the
Motorola Nexus 6
I'm looking forward to this new phone
as it is a continuation of the "nexus"
line, which means stock Android,
lots of updates, and the new Android L,
Lollipop OS. Hopefully it goes on sale
soon in Canada~!
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