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Hailey Holland

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of FINAL

Have you ever thought about a career in... Sports Broadcasting? A degree in Sports Broadcasting can lead you to:
ESPN Sports Show
Tennessee Titans Radio Show
Boston Red Sox Press Box
Nashville Predators Game Announcer
Olympics Television Producer
Public Relations Specialist for Kobe Bryant

Degrees in Sports Broadcasting are rare, especially in Tennessee.
Tennessee Tech will now be among one of few schools in the South to offer a degree in Sports Broadcasting Mission Statement: To provide an introduction into methods and skills necessary to produce and anchor in the highly competitive industry of Sports Broadcasting. Goal:
To provide students with the appropriate classes and experiences that will further their furture careers. Objectives:
Students will learn
How to host a live Sports Broadcast
Basics of Sports Broadcasting
How to start a Sports Broadcasting program
Calling play by play
How to cover player stats
Sports Broadcasting Interview strategies
How to host Weekly Coaching Shows

•Create your own Sports Talk Show
•The keys to sports writing
•How to create a personal style over the air
•Building an audience
•Learn how to build relationships in a sports community
•How the internet is influencing the sports world
•Selling Advertising and Sponsorships for Sports Shows
•Sports Broadcasting industry jargon
•Fund Raising techniques with Sports Broadcasting
•Sports Broadcasting Career strategies
Sports Broadcasting
Curriculum for TTU Hailey Holland
Andy Rutherford Right now, Tech only offers two different routes that are similar to Sports Broacasting:
Journalism/ Public Relations Degree
English/ Communications Degree If you want to work with sports, you have to take EXPW classes with your elective hours. Even with these degress, we still do not get an adequate amount of training required for Sports Broadcasters. The English Curriculum focuses mainly on Literature, with small amounts of emphasis on the Communications side.
The Journalism Curriculum deals with technical writing and mass communications. Students majoring in Sports Broadcasting at TTU will take the following classes:
Introduction to Sports Communications
Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
Cultural Diversity in American Sport and Sport Marketing
News Media Writing & Editing
Photographic Communication
Broadcast News Writing
Radio Reporting
Advertising and Sponsorships
Sports Management
Course Description:
The Sports Broadcasting course is for individuals interested in gaining sports broadcasting experience, skills and strategies designed to launch a sports broadcasting career in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, international or minor leagues and the NCAA.

Students will have the opportunity of getting to know NBA Play by Play announcer Brian Wheeler through weekly live audio-chats.
Guest speakers will include the Integrity Sports Network Staff with Sports Management Worldwide President, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Rich Burk.
Instructors will assist students in producing and participating in a segment of their very own live sports radio show via the Integrity Sports Network.
This live airtime experience will familiarize students in all aspects of sports broadcasting.
This segment will be the student’s choice of either a sports personality interview, a pre or post game show, or short sports production that is coordinated with Integrity Sports Network. PLAY BY PLAY & PRESS BOX EXPERIENCE:
Students will be encouraged to participate in the press box on a prearranged game day at Tech.
Course work will include a required job shadow with the play by play announcer on campus. AUDIO RESUMES:
Students will be creating sports broadcasting audio resumes and samples for evaluation.
This will be done via the internet and will give fellow students the opportunity to critique and assist the student in improving their voice quality and on air personality. Tennessee Tech will be among one of the only schools to offer a specific Sports Broadcasting Degree.
This curriculum will provide students with an opportunity to step immediately into an interactive sports broadcasting experience.
References: http://www.sportsmanagementworldwide.com/courses/sports-broadcasting
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