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1.04 Properties of Water

Flvs Biology Project 1.04..

Thomas Lovett

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of 1.04 Properties of Water

Using 3 different substances, pure water, soapy water, and Vegetable oil, using a dropper of some sort and dropping amounts of the substance onto a penny, which one will have the most drops and which will spill over first?
Independent Variable - 3 different Substances, Water, Soapy Water, And Vegetable Oil.
Dependent Variable - Three pennies and 3, 20CC Syringes.
Experimental Group - Water Molecules staying together; Cohesion, Surface Tension.
- Get out three cups, put water in the first one, water + soap in the second one, and then Vegetable oil in the third one. Take one Syringe and gather water in it, then add drop by drop onto a penny till it spills over. Remember to count how many drops there is on the penny as you go, do and repeat this for each substance on a clean penny and clean syringe.

Counting the drops of each substance as they went on the penny, I noticed that water got to 38 droplets, before it spilled over onto the counter. However, soapy water only got to 17 droplets before spilling, and surprisingly Vegetable oil got to 19 droplets. Thus proving my hypothesis wrong, Vegetable oil could hold more on the penny before the tension broke and it spilled over.
Data Collected
Water does in fact stick together and try to stay together, causing Cohesion, however, this experiment was to test Surface tension. Water held the most droplets on the penny with 38 drops, Vegetable oil could hold 19 droplets, and soapy water could only hold 17 droplets.
1.04 Properties of Water
It is known that water molecules will bond together to stick together and stay together, however, it is known that adding soap to the water will disturb the molecules.
I say that water will last the longest, and get the most droplets before spilling over. That Soapy water will be the second longest to hold together, and Vegetable oil will be the shortest.
3 Clean pennies, all on heads. 3 separate 20CC Syringes, and three paper cups, each filled with pure water, soapy water, and Vegetable oil.
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