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Jodie Locks and The Three Dares.

Jodie locks takes a little adverture to a party and gets caught in all sorts of sillyness... All because of three dares..

Alison Prentice

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Jodie Locks and The Three Dares.

Meet Jodie... She is 16
She lives a normal teenage life...

Typical teenage girl you could say. Facebook Blackberry Music Best Friends Texting = Teenage Life A few of Jodie's friends were having a party and Jodie really wanted to go....
She asked her mum and dad and they both agreed that if she was careful and didnt do anything silly then she could go.
So Jodie... logged onto her computer to tell all her friends she was going.
Jodie was very excited. A few days later .... Jodie, Red and Alice... All arive at the party. Just in time for spin the bottle...
Dare : You have to run around with pants
on your head.
Accepted. These pants are too big.... These pants are too small... Just right!! Dare :
Run down a hill in a pair of shoes.
Challenge accepted. These were too high... These were too small... These were just right.. Dare: Lift an object above your head...

This was too heavy for Jodie Locks.... This was too light for Jodie Locks.... This was just right for Jodie Locks... There was a knock at the door....
The house was being raided by police officers... Jodie made a run for it and ran all the way home... Challenge Accepted
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