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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

No description

Maddy H.

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Daughter of Smoke and Bone

A fantasy novel
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Laini Taylor
Setting: Prague
• it's a city from another
dimension, not located
on Earth
Setting: Loramendi
• she's from Chico, California
• she didn't finish her first novel until she was 35, even though she always wanted to be a writer
• she studied illustration in college and has a degree in english
• she's written six novels so far
• she describes herself as a "writer-artist-
• the main setting is Prague,
the capital of the Czech
• it's an unusual setting that makes you think of fairy tales and magic, which works well with the theme and plot of the book
• it's set during winter
•chimaera (half-animal, half-human creatures) live here
• it's covered by a giant cage of iron bars, but we don't know whether that's to keep the chimaera in, or their enemies, the seraphim (angels) out
• in this other dimension, the chimaera and seraphim have been interlocked in constant war since before anyone can remember
• she's a 17 year old girl who was raised
by a chimaera
•she's never had human family
•she's lived all over the world, never staying in one place for long
• at the beginning of the book, she has no knowledge of where she came from, who parents are, and even who she is
• later in the book she discovers that in a previous lifetime she was a chimaera named Madrigal, and has now been reborn as Karou
• she eventually falls in love with an angel named Akiva, even though their species are at war
•she's a round character because, while she has a complex personality and faces conflicts, she doesn't significantly change throughout the book
•she's an artist who loves to draw angels
•he's a seraphim soldier who has been trained his whole life to kill chimaera, but has conflicted feelings about the war
• he's one of the kings many sons
• Madrigal saves his life in battle, so he vows to try to end the war between them
• he falls in love with Madrigal
• he's a dynamic character, as his views on war and the way he perceives his enemy, the chimaeras, greatly change over the course of the book
•he's the chimaera who has raised
Karou since her birth
• he's a type of sorcerer; he uses
the teeth of dead animals or humans
to create magic wishes
• he uses teeth to create new bodies for the chimaera so that they can be reborn after they've been killed in battle (like he did for Madrigal)
• he hardly ever shows any emotion or weakness
• he's a flat character because, although he's very important to the storyline, the author never really reveals any of his personality
This story begins in Prague, where Karou, a seventeen year old art student, lives with her family of chimeara (half-beast, half-human people), including a ram-headed chimaera named Brimstone who makes magic wishes out of teeth. She has no idea where she came from, how the chimaera became her family, or even who her parents are, but later in the book all of her questions will be answered. The first problem that arises in the plot is that black handprints left by seraphim (angels) seem to be appearing all over the world on portals that lead to Brimstone's world. In this other world, the chimaera and seraphim are stuck in a neverending war, and Brimstone's sorcery is essentiel to the chimeara's survival. Soon Karou encounters the first seraphim she's ever seen, and ends up fighting them to near-death. Unfortunately, all the portals to Brimstone's world stop working soon after, and Karou is left alone in Prague with no way to contact her chimaera family. She ends up devising a plan to get herself back to the chimeara and seraphim's world, but she is stopped by an angel named Akiva who tells her that he knows where she came from. She then ends up finding out her true identity and falling in love with Akiva. The book ends with Karou finding a portal to Brimstone's world and going through it into the unknown.
War can only end if each side truly attempts to understand the lives of their enemies.
Who would like it?
To enjoy this book you would definitely have to enjoy fantasy, and the idea of angels, other dimensions, and even magic wishes. It's the kind of book that reminds you of a fairytale because of its setting and characters, but the way that it's written and its plot make it very different from any fairytale you've ever heard. This story would also appeal to someone who enjoys books that are a little bit mysterious, with a surprising reveal at the end. In fact, even the way that information is revealed in this book is very cryptic, and its hard to know what's really true until the very end, so it's great if you like to be kept guessing. Although, even if you don't typically like these kinds of books, I would still recommend reading
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
just because of how well it's written, and how interesting each and every character is.
In a lifetime of hating seraphim, Madrigal had never thought of them as living the same life as she, but what the angel said was true. They were all locked in the same war. They had locked the entire world in it.
This quote is very important because it's the turning point where Madrigal realizes that war affects everybody. Each side has suffered immensely from being in constant war, and neither of them is gaining anything from it. Nonetheless, the have made this pointless war their entire world and their entire reason for existence.
Zuzana looked back and saw the expression Karou sometimes got when she thought no one was watching. It was sadness, lostness, and the worst thing about it was the way it seemed like a default. (Taylor,10)
This quote makes the reader realize how much growing up in to different worlds has affected Karou. Not knowing her identity or where she comes from has made her feel very disconnected and alone, but she used to always pretending she's fine.
''Would you want to be me?''Hurt and confused, Madrgigal said, "'I don't understand."' '' No, you wouldn't,'' said Chiro. ''You're beautiful.'' (Taylor,50)
This quote is significant because is shows just how much some people value beauty over others. For Chiro, to be beautiful was worth anything, even betrayal, and this need for beauty ends up blinding her to the value of friendship. She believed that anyone who was beautiful would automatically have a perfect life, but she ends up being wrong.
I would give this book four out of five stars because it wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was written very well, and the plot was interesting enough to make me want to keep reading.
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