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Senior Internship Presentation

No description

Maria utvenko

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Internship Presentation

My Senior Internship at
Implant and Oral Surgery of Colorado
By: Maria Utvenko

Statistical Packet

By collecting this data and creating the statistical packet I will be able to show both offices their own trends and other offices.
Both Implants and Wisdom teeth
I noticed that they both have similar high and low peaks. The high peaks for both are in the months of March, June, July, and December. The low peaks for both are also in January and February. I saw that the months that have the highest amount of patients are also break months, such as spring, summer, and winter breaks. This is why the dental field is also known to be seasonal.
About me
I am a senior at Castle View High School
In Visual and Performing Arts Academy
Will be attending University of Kansas in fall of 2014, and studying Medicine.
Implant and Oral Surgery of Colorado
Dr. Timothy Bandrowsky
755 South Perry St
Suite 300
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Implants based on month throughout the year: Mean= 2.916, Standard deviation= 1.84, Minimum= 1, Quartile1 =1, Median= 2.5, Quartile3 = 4.5, Maximum= 6.
Total Amount of implants that year was 35.
According to 1.5 (IQR) outlier rule there is no outliers.
Top highest months are June and August, with 6 implants those months.
Top lowest months are January, February, April, and October, with 1 implant those months.

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth extractions based on month throughout the year: Mean= 9.12, Standard deviation= 4.23, Minimum= 2, Quartile1 =6.5, Median= 8.5, Quartile3 = 11, Maximum= 18.
Total Amount of wisdom teeth extractions done that year was 110.
According to 1.5 (IQR) outlier rule there is possible outlier of 18.
Top month is July for wisdom teeth with 18.
Lowest month is February for wisdom teeth with 2.

Essential Question
What trends do treatment planing follow in the dental field, and what can be done to even out the trends?
Apicoectomy,Bone Grafting,Bruxism
Root Amputation,Sinus Augmentation
Impacted Canines,Oral Pathology
TMJ (Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction)
Wisdom Teeth Extractions

I collected numbers from my internship office and Dr. Moroni's office next door. Based off of the common procedures done in both offices.
Treatment plans
Teeth Cleanings
Teeth Cleanings based on month throughout the year: Mean= 278.75, Standard deviation= 41.5494, Minimum= 185, Quartile1 =258.5, Median= 279.5, Quartile3 = 308.5, Maximum= 337
Total Amount of teeth cleanings done that year was 3345
According to 1.5 (IQR) outlier rule there are no outliers
Top month is October for teeth cleanings with 337
Lowest month is February for teeth cleanings with 185
The Two highest months are April and October which are six months apart.
My Internship Experience
I learned this is a career that I want to pursue in the near future.
Essential Question
Yes, the dental field's treatment planning follows trends. The trend that it follows is that it is seasonal and they see most of their patients during the break months.
No, there is no way to even out the trends, because its easier for patients to come in during breaks, so that they can heal without worrying about things such as school.
I discussed with my internship about their lowest months such February and they said that they would like to try to market during that time.
What this internship offered me was the opportunity to be sterile technician and showed me variety of surgeries.
Pictures of Implant and oral surgery of Colorado

"Castle Rock Oral Surgeon - Timothy Bandrowsky." Castle Rock Oral Surgeon. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. <http://www.ioscolorado.com/>.

More Pictures
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