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By Isaiah Mead

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Mummies

. The process of making a mummy is very long it takes 70 days. First they would mash up the brain with a hook and pulled it out through the nose. Then the cut a whole in the body and removed all the organs except for the heart they then stuffed the whole with linen and spices. soon after natron salt was used to dry out the body. After 40 days the body was wrapped. Coffins or sarcophagus's were made to protect the body of the mummy. They were also very decorative. This is the sarcophagus of king Tutankhamen or tut for short. The after life was a great life. There was a heaven ruled by by the god Osiris but there was a cost to this. you had to travel through the deadly under world. When the dead person was still alive they were taught spells that were thought to protect them on there journey through the under world. In the after life the last step before you were in heaven was they weighing of the heart. If the heart was heavy with wicked a monster ate the heart and they would not go to the great heaven. If the heart was good they went into the heaven. A mummy is a dead body human or animal.
All the skin and organs are preserved.
the egyptians made mummies to preserve the soul The egyptians were buried with grave goods.
grave goods could range from jewelery to beds and other things that make life better. they would put food and instruments in there in the tomb. why do they do this? they do it because they think it will help in the afterlife. Pharaohs and nobles were the only ones to be buried in
houses of eternity. Houses of eternity can be pyramids. After king tut discovered the ideas of burying kings in a hidden valley some kings wanted to be buried there too. The valley of the kings was said to be guarded by a serpent.
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