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Should We Be Using Herbicides and Pesticides That Are Killing Monarch Butterflies?

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Brielle Belden

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Should We Be Using Herbicides and Pesticides That Are Killing Monarch Butterflies?

Should We Be Using Herbicides and Pesticides That Are Killing Monarch Butterflies?
All People Who Use Pesticides Could Be Killing Butterflies
Herbicides and Pesticides have chemicals in them that can kill plants like milkweed. Butterflies rely on milkweed to live, so if the milkweed dies so do the butterflies. Monarchs are losing their "lifeline".
Both Sides
The Butterfly Protectors
These are the people that want to stop the use of harmful chemicals that are killing the monarch butterflies, such as activist groups like WWF.
Stop Using Herbicides and Pesticides
These are the people that use and will keep using herbicides and pesticides for things like their crops, and to kill weeds on their land.
Players and Motivators
Monarch Butterflies
Point of View - Monarchs are losing their homes, and the plant they need to survive
Motivators - Health
The "Butterfly Protectors"
The Effects of Habitat Loss
I'm sure that we, almost, all love to see the pretty butterflies in the summertime, yet we keep using the herbicides and pesticides that are killing butterflies. This specific species of butterflies are now near threatened because of all of this. The milkweed can be used for medicine, in certain ways, so we are losing that too.
It's A Chain Reaction
First we, as humans, use the herbicides and pesticides, such as Roundup Weedkiller. Then milkweed dies, and after that when the butterflies don't have what they need, they die.
What Monarchs Use Milkweed For
Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed, then the caterpillars that hatch eat the milkweed, and

The "milk" from the milkweed plant is both acidic and can be poisonous to many animals, so eating keeps the butterflies safe. That is why they have the orange and black colored wings.
By: Brielle Belden
Point of View-
We need to stop using the herbicides and pesticides, and stop killing milkweed, and therefore butterflies.
Motivators - ecological, health of the butterflies, aesthetic
Point of View - Well plants don't have a point of view, they can't, but they are still a big player. The butterflies are the main topic, but they aren't the only ones dying here. The milkweed is dying to.
Farmers/Care Takers
The famers and people who want to take care of their land. They use herbicides and pesticides either because they don't know about the butterflies, or they care more about their crops and land than the butterflies. They just want to take care of their land, and crops.
Motivators - economic, recreational, and health
What Is Being Done
Activist groups such as WWF, and NRDC are trying to raise awareness for issue. Those groups are also trying to get the people who are using herbicides and pesticides to stop, or at least get it under control.
Causes of Butterfly Habitat Loss
There are other causes than just using the herbicides and pesticides that are killing milkweed plants. Some people have milkweed in their yard, but they think it is a weed so they pull it out, or cut it down. People also get rid of milkweed because of its smell.
Motivators - It's own health, even though they can't necessarily feel, or even
What You Can Do
We can help monarch butterflies. If there is milkweed in your yard then try and convince your parents to keep it, or if you are in control then keep it, or at least some of it. If you or your parents, want to have a butterfly garden tell them to plant milkweed. It
attract butterflies, and could possibly save them.
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NRDC (an informative email)
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Monarch Butterfly Website - http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/monarch-conservation.html
The Monarch Butterfly - http://ed.fnal.gov/entry_exhibits/insect/monarch.html
Monarch Butterfly Information - http://monarch-butterfly.info/Endangered.html
Monarch Guide - http://www.mymonarchguide.com/
Bibliography Continued
Picture Citations










Picture Citations Continued


What Happens if a Monarch Eats a Plant That Has Herbicide and Pesticide Chemicals on it?
If a caterpillar were to eat a leaf with those chemicals on the leaf, the caterpillar would start to kind of throw up a green liquid. If a caterpillar would start to do that that would mean, among other things that the caterpillar is poisoned, possibly because the food it ate was poisoned.

I Think.....
I think we should try to save the butterflies, and stop or use less of the herbicides and pesticides. So I am on the side of the butterfly protectors.
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