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The Ps brothers

No description

Tanner Rehn

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of The Ps brothers

The PS Brothers Auther: Maribeth Boelts Problem/Conflict Characters Main Events Dislike Book Setting Conclusion I disliked the bok because it was not fun
and not interesting. It also was not very
action pack . It was calm and boring. The setting of my story is that two
kids wont to get a dog. But there
parents well not let them get a dog.
The kids wont to start a business
called " The PS Brothers" Which
stand the popper scooper brothers. The problem of my story
is that they could not get
a dog. The conflict was that
they got a dog and that every
one was happy. The conclusion on my book
was that the russell and shawn got there dog. That means they never got bullyed. One Of my characters where Russell With blond hair and as the smart one of the group. My other characters where shawn who always made a list of his favorite food and always made a stupid coment on everything. The main event was that
was shawn and russel tried very hard to get both of there parents to let them have dog. they got one and made a lot of money by scooping poop. so they could get the dog. By: Tanner Rehn
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