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Creating a Multimedia Presentation

No description

Alex Sugden

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Multimedia Presentation

reviewing and test
The testing i need to place it onto a disc and then get others to go through it and have a look for any errors and for the reviewing and test i plan on getting on getting some year 7s and a relevant teacher to come and observer my mediator product and hopefully get some feed back that can help improve my product
When planning for a multimedia product there are a few key factors that you have to have in mind, the first one is the house style so what colours you are willing to include in your presentation. you will aslo be wanting to make a dreaf out line of what you want to go inside the presentation. In the planning there will be a meeting that will take place so that we can get a good understanding of what you/they want to be inside the presentation.
In the design there will have to be a plan so that you know what your target audience wants in the presentation. there will also be different usage of information on each slide so that the presentation is relevant to what its about .
The creating element is when you start adding buttons and videos and pictures on to your mediator so that it looks professional
Creating a Multimedia Presentation
Implementation is the creating the product, when you start to put information on the slides that you have designed on paper and are now placing the information on a mediator file/ product.
Is when you use users feedback to make your presentation better by the use of what the year 7s said and what the teacher has said.
Creating a Multimedia Presentation
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