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Louis Prima

No description

Joscelyne Atwood

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Louis Prima

Jose Archan - Joscelyne Atwood - Ryan Ballasteros - Derek Liu - Cole Rinehart
Las Vegas & Tahoe
1990's Swing Revival
Louis Prima
- 22 piece orchestra
- Played swing
- Wrote and performed music
- Brought a interest to Italian culture through music and references

Louis Prima Band
Does this sound familiar?
Also composed "Angelina", "Jump, Jive, an' Wail"
Co-composing with numerous artists
Disney's Jungle Book
-1910 New Orleans
- Italian-American
- Trained concert violinist, until 15.
- Switched to trumpet, due to lack of sensitivity needed for violin
- 1934 left New Orleans, moved to "Big Time" New York City
- Walt Disney approached Prima in 1966 to assist in "The Jungle Book"
- He became the voice of "King Louis," the orangutan
- The film was nominated for an Oscar
- Prima received a gold album for the sound-track recording
"Gap" & "Khakis Swing".
Late 90's impact
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