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zach zach

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of geography

Sydney Australia London Engaland Banff Alberta Sydney National Rugby League
Sydney Swans-Australian Foot Ball
National Basketball league
Cricket League

London England hi 13 FootBall Teams
West Ham United- Soccer
MOB FootBall
Tennis League
Banff Alberta Activities Organized Leagues Organized Leagues Activities Walking Tours
Sydney Opera House
Explorer Bus
Sydney Beaches
Under Water Sydney (Scuba Diving)
Sydney Aquiriums
Organized Leagues Activities Imperial War museum
Science Museum
Royal Academy of arts
Shakespears Globe
Walking Tours
Mountain Climbing
Horse Back Riding
Fishing Trips
Aircraft Rentals
Helicopter Tours
Ziplines through the mountains
Boat/Kayak Rentals
White Water Rafting
And Much Much More.... Hockey
Football Colleges and Universities University of London Banff School of fine arts Western university of Sydney Crime rate
Economy Banff's economy is very good, there are many jobs to have in Banff. such as .... Bar tender,Ski/snowboard teacherand there is much more... London's economy is very good too, England is a highly industrialised country. It is an important producer of textiles and chemical products. Although automobiles, locomotives, and aircraft are among England's other important industrial products, a significant proportion of the country's income comes from the City so this means there are many jobs in the auto motive industry Based on my research, the city i have chosen is Banff Alberta. I have chosen this city over the other cities because i like the school, jobs sight seeing, leagues and activities becaus the school is for the arts which i am into, the jobs are awesome because i think being a tour guide would be an awesome job, and the activities are right up my allie i love to snow baord, rock climb swim fish etc. i didnt chose london because the jobs there arent the jobs im looking for , same with the school. and i didnt chose sydney because the schools just seemed like a plain school and i want to go to a school into the arts, there were some jobs but not any jobs i was interested in, There for the city i have chosen is Banff Alberta and thank you for listening to my Prezi-tation :)
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