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Leadership & People Management

Mendaki Sense

Afiqah H

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Leadership & People Management

Post-Course Completion
Batch 2
Venue: Ace The Place CC

Every Mondays & Tuesdays
7 to 10 PM

Tentative, still securing booking. Alternatively, will be held at Woodlands CC.
Pilot Run Tentative Schedule
Batch 1
Venue: Sense College
Every Mondays & Tuesdays
7 to 10 PM

Only till Dec 2013. From Jan 2014 onwards, classes will be held at WIS.
Pilot Run Tentative Schedule
Trainees have to be:
Singapore citizens or PR
Employed or Unemployed

Criteria for Training Allowance:
Salary range from $1,900 and below
Competent on all assessments
Demonstrates employment outcome is relevant to training
Trainers identified to conduct LPM Level 3 courses:
Nurmuliana Ali (pilot run)
Jamali Natijol
Zaiton Hashim
Ian Favacho

Train the Trainers (TTT) will be conducted on
16 August 2013
. They will be introduced to the C-VAT profiling tool.

Trainers’ Contracts will be drawn upon confirmation thereafter.
LPM Level 5
LPM Level 4
LPM Level 3
Key Touchpoint People
In a nutshell
Projected by S&M: 40 pax for 2 batches
Course Pricing
Our ability to facilitate the development of a PME to realize his or her potential and equip him or her with the
T-shaped skills
set by providing a continuum of services from
pre to post training
, thus enabling him/her to become a confident and competitive professional.

Value Proposition
Batch 1: Sense College
Trainer: Nurmuliana Ali
Date: 9 September 2013*
Observation by: Mohamed Sofian

Batch 2: Ace The Place CC
Trainer: Jamali Natijol
Date: 9 September 2013*
Observation by: Sue Lynn

*Tentative start date as proposed by S&M
Class Observation
Curriculum Development
WSQ Leadership & People Management
A Holistic Overview by CET
Venue & Scheduling
The Registration Process
Operation Procedures
Duration of Course
Review & Evaluation
Record Management System
Upon completion of the course,
final database
assessment records
collated feedback forms
of trainees will be kept on the system for efficient tracking.

Overall Incharge: Afiqah
Beneficiary Report
Training Places Report
WDA Quarterly Report
Ad-hoc Report
Overall Incharge:

Summary Report
Placement & Retention Report
Overall Incharge:
Pre-Course: Reminders
By Sales & Marketing:

Gentle reminders to be broadcasted to trainees
2 days prior
to the start of the first day of Module via SMS.
Thank you for your kind attention.
1 Week Before
3 Days Before
10 Days After
5 Days After
2 Weeks Before
1 Month Before
1 Week Prior to First Module
Preparation of Attendance register, Letter of Undertaking & Evaluation forms and Course schedule timetable for distribution to trainees
Manages transportation of logistics to various training venues
Ordering of refreshments from K.G Catering at capped budget $3.40 per person
Overall Incharge:

Ensuring all trainees have taken C-VAT and have interpreted their results
Overall Incharge:
Vivi & Zainah

3 Days Prior to Module
Check all registration forms & supporting documents are attached
Verify trainees’ eligibility for funding for Training Allowance & WTS additional grant

Overall Incharge:
5 Days after Module
Application of WTS & Training Grants via SkillsConnect
Submission of Invoice & Training Allowance
Tabulation of various reports

Overall Incharge:
10 Days after Module
Internal audit
Oversees the whole operation and ensures a smooth transition between stages from various departments
Ensures all reports and SkillsConnect applications are submitted punctually

Overall Incharge:
1 Month Prior to Module
Block booking of training locations
Purchase order from Drummond Printing for sufficient copies of
Learner's Guides
Assessment Booklet
Assessment Record
Ordering of other training stationeries: flipchart, name stands, writing pad, pens etc
Overall Incharge:

Ensure training materials are up to date from ID
Overall Incharge:
2 Weeks Prior to Module
Updating trainees’ particulars into
School Management System (SMS)
Summary of Trainees’ Profile based on C-VAT results
Ensuring trainer & back-up trainer availability
Ensure all
supporting documents
are attached to registration forms for eligibility verification

Overall Incharge:
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