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CSLA's Web 2.0 Tutorials

presentation for CSLA Southern Section Workshop, March 26, 2011

Jane Lofton

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of CSLA's Web 2.0 Tutorials

http://classroomlearning2.csla.net Go at your own pace School Library Learning 2.0 & Classroom Learning 2.0 Week 1 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 What are they? Explore empowering Web 2.0 tools Self-paced tutorials Cheer colleagues on Exchange ideas What's included? Logistics Start with Week 1 Set up a blog Week 2 Register Blog about each activity Cheer on colleagues Share ideas Get CEUs http://classroomlearning2.csla.net/2007/08/about.html All about
the tutorial Lifelong learning habits Create an avatar Set up your blog Find and
upload photos Photo mashups RSS RSS READER Image Generators Technorati Copyright & Fair Use Creative Commons Have FUN! Tagging Wikis Online Productivity Tools Create documents in the cloud Keep track of your books & reading Podcasts Videos Downloadable Audio Get support when you need it Our own wiki: http://mchsshares.wikispaces.com/Classroom+Learning+2.0 Be on the cutting edge with technology Have fun! CSLA Classroom Learning 2.0 wiki: http://classroomlearning2.pbworks.com/ Topic 1:
Digital Citizenship Topic 2:
Creating a Blog Topic 4: Photos, Images Activity 5: Commenting & Good Manners Topic 7:
Animations & Video Topic 9: Fun with Books & Reading Topic 10: Evaluate Information websites What's included? Topic 3: Create an avatar Find and
upload photos Topic 8: Documents
& presentations Create documents in the cloud with Google Docs or Zoho Keep track of your books & reading http://bit.ly/flJgZf Privacy Blogging
Guidelines Online
Safety Copyright Fair Use Cyberbullying Being Polite Jaycut dVolver Discuss books
online Topic 6: Creating Your Own Images Photo mashups Image Generators Wordle Using Citation
Generators Learning about website
credibility Bonus Topic: Online Sharing Wallwisher:
A shared sticky-note wall Voicethread: Asynchronous conversations & digital storyelling Interactive whiteboard Online, social bookmarking Curriculum for computer, elective, or health class
Integrated into a subject area class
For library aides or as library club activity Use the Teacher's Manual &
Sample Parent Letter Create Your Own
"Cover" Blog http://aewnetconnect.edublogs.org/ Front Load with Digital
Citizenship & Online Safety Keep up with your students Blog Registration Create a Google Docs Form to
have students register Create a Blogroll
on your blog Monitor & Comment Often Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16870604@N07/2656504088/
and http://bighugelabs.com
Be sure to check Mrs. Yollis' Blog Post & videos on Comments:
http://bit.ly/eTIFOt Complete SLL 2.0 or
Classroom Learning 2.0 Use the Teen Learning 2.0 Site:
http://teenlearning.csla.net Health Class Activity
at Petaluma HS http://phslib2point0.pbworks.com/w/page/31281003/FrontPage Part of curriculum for
library aides at Poly High
developed by site Teacher Librarian Pam Oehlman

All activities are on a wiki http://polylibrarystaff.wikispaces.com/ Good Ideas Students Helping Each Other Image: 'Computer Lab, Vukani Primary School' http://www.flickr.com/photos/53346833@N00/2845012395 http://animoto.com/play/yroxIik8Z5PMX5c51FzVyA?utm_source=edublogs.org&utm_medium=player&utm_campaign=player http://rosythegreat.edublogs.org/ Coordinated by site
Teacher Librarian
Connie Williams A special needs student finds her voice & appreciates classmates' recognition Creative Commons Giving Credit http://flickr.com http://creativecommons.org/ http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/ Noodletools Easybib Blog Information http://bit.ly/h8LMoV Spreadsheet http://bit.ly/dOZhRv Blogrolls can list blog names,
screen names, or first names http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/ URL for this Wordle was Teen Learning Site Students love embedding
the widgets in their blogs 10 topics Week 2 CSLA's Web 2.0
Tutorials http://www.csla.net/res/library_2_0.htm Your Challenge: Complete SLL 2.0
Promote CL 2.0
Implement & promote TL 2.0
Complete & Promote Assistive Technology & Digital Citizenship Presented by:
Jane Lofton
Teacher Librarian
Mira Costa HS, Manhattan Beach
http://bit.ly/janelofton CSLA Southern Section Workshop
March 26, 2011 Reflect on what you learn What it is http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Down_the_Rabbit_Hole.png John Tenniel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons All images not otherwises credited are from http://imagechef.com Thanks to the CSLA 2.0 Team
and to Marie Slim and Sheryl Grabow-Weiss,
whose orginal presentations provided material
for this one. And now ... Sheryl Weiss's wiki: Comments from around
the world! http://gsyspy41130.edublogs.org/2010/02/01/the-river-runs-red/#comments Sheryl's blog http://myfootprintsd.com/index.html So what are you
waiting for? http://artscholar.edublogs.org/
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