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The Curse of King Tut

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of The Curse of King Tut

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The Curse of King Tut
Where did the curse take place?
It took place in Ancient Egypt.
When did the curse take place?
It took place when Lord Cararvon died in 11/29/1922.
In conclusion, we think that either deadly mold spores or poison is the cause of deaths occured from visits to the tomb.
The curse was that people die under weird circumstances if they violated King Tut's tomb. Its been found by Gotthard Kramer, german microbiologist, that mold and bacteria is in the mummy that was deadly explaining how people could have died. It was also believed that people put poison in the tombs to protect the dead king from invaders.
Background Knowledge
The curse started shortly after the discovery of the tomb. It is on the list because deaths occur to people who visited the tomb. There was 26 victims to this curse.
By: Angelina V. & Izaria D.
What is the Curse of King Tut?
The Curse of King Tut is a belief of series of deaths caused by visits to the boy king's tomb.
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