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MR. S.

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Inception

The top
Some people think that the top is not his totem, it is his wedding ring
Other Theories
In the movie, Cobb states that in the dream he and his dead wife are still married.
The Wedding Ring Theory
So, he is not dreaming
In the final scene, Cobb is not wearing the ring
I hope you've enjoyed my presentation
The Ending
There are many different theories on how the movie Inception ends
Cobb spins his top to see if he is dreaming and after it begins to wobble the screen goes black and the movie ends
The movie ends with Dom Cobb returning to his home with Miles and seeing his two kids.
If it keeps on spinning, then he is in a dream
If the top falls over, he is in reality
Cobb's top is his totem, which is an object that Inceptionists use to tell whether they are in the dream or in reality
So, if he is wearing the ring, he is dreaming. If he is not wearing it, he is in reality
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