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Our Model

No description

Karan Bedi

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Our Model

Eros Labs
We believe that ideas are a dime a dozen and execution is what counts.
We go beyond just startup capital and put our own product and tech people on to each idea we greenlight.
This makes us a unique combo between a startup and an incubator.
Our Model
Our team has experienced operations, tech and product people, who have started and run companies.

We have a team of 16 people. Our key team members are:
Our Team
Why come to Us?
Our Current Portfolio
We have 2 models - internal and external
Our tech team is skilled at rapid prototyping, extensible, open and scalable rollouts and has experience across a number of industry areas.

We let you focus on your business with the clear knowledge that the tech you'll work with is top notch.
Tech Team
Internal Ideas
We constantly generate a raft of ideas that we want to explore. We come up with these in a number of ways – suggestions, brainwaves, epiphanies and even research!
Once we are convinced that we want to proceed with an idea, we look for folks to come on as business managers and/or product heads.
Our tech and product teams work with them to develop the idea and launch it to the world!
External Ideas
Entrepreneurs pitch to us and if we like the idea, develop their ideas into sustainable products and businesses.
Our product and tech teams work with the entrepreneur, who acts as the business manager or CEO of that business.
We think this dramatically increases the quality of, and degree of success for the product.
Karan Bedi
Karan heads Eros Labs and also advises on product strategy for ErosNow, the world’s largest destination for premium Indian content.
He was formerly CEO of ContentFlow Technologies, a company he founded, in the education services sector. ContentFlow provides rich media content creation services to leading global education providers such as Pearson, Macmillan and Houghton Mifflin. He has also worked in the digital entertainment sector, with Sony Pictures in LA.

Karan has a BA in Economics from Stanford University.
Kriti Bajaj
Director - Product
Kriti heads up product direction for all our products. She was formerly the product lead a Knimbus, a platform focused on scholarly research and collaboration.
Kriti is has an MS in Biology from Stanford University and was pursuing a PHd in Multiviral Vaccine Generation at University College London before the technology entrepreneurship bug bit her.
Product Expertise
Our product team will help you define your product, work out specs, use cases, flows, wireframes, designs and so on, and hand over to the tech guys to build out your product.

We will also guide visual design and UI, focusing on best-in-class practices and design resources.
Worry about your product, not about what it costs to build (within reason)! We'll help you figure out what it costs to build your idea out, and then if we can all agree to launch it, what funding will be required post launch to successfully take it to market and acquire customers.
AlternaCare is Platform that allows patients to discover and connect with healthcare practitioners worldwide through a secure video link.
It aims to bridge the large gap between supply and demand of such practitioners, especially in the US and Western Europe.
It addresses the pain points of availability and price for patients, while providing new markets and significant financial gains for practitioners.
Indulge is a mobile-first service discovery platform specifically focused on beauty and wellness - spas, beauty salons, gyms, makeup artists, trainers, yoga teachers etc., currently focused on India.
Features focused on consumer demand for specific information about these areas to make discovery and buying decisions.
Allows ratings, bookings and deals. The core USP is being able to find a trusted service provider and set up an appointment in a few clicks.
Vipin Nagpal
Tech Lead - AlternaCare
Vipin is the tech lead for AlternaCare. He oversees the tech team that is building the platform and liases with product to make sure it gets built!
He was a tech lead at Helpified, an online learning platform and at MyTime, a local discovery platform for consumer services.

Vipin has a B.E. in Computer Science from ITM.
Very simply, an Airbnb for Shipping.
India has a large and VERY fragmented shipping system with thousands of truck operators ranging from 1 - 5000 trucks. This is a hugely opaque market, especially for individual and SME users.
We are creating a FedEx without the trucks, allowing a large number of operators to provide their capacity on a single platform, and allow customers to simply click, choose and ship.
Ideas in Development
Platform to allow studios / producers / actors to auction movie memorabilia to fans.
Multi tiered product portfolio - with one-of-a-kind originals being auctioned on a flash model, and other memorabilia (like posters), non-star costumes, replicas etc. being sold on a traditional price basis.
Our model would be to make a cut on the goods (for sourcing, presentation and marketing).
Mix between a Circa and Quartz Newsletter.
App allows users to receive a series of notifications on a limited set of topics they choose.
Current solutions either all have a ton of notifications or require you to put in a lot of preferences to get only the notifications you want.
Initially manually curated but over time, analytics driven.
CatchUp App
An app that allows you to watch the first 10 minutes of a movie if you're running late for the theater.
Business model will either be micropayment or ad driven.
Over time, with usage, a number of other monetization opportunities can arise.
Worldwide appeal.
Mobile News Curation App
Movie Merchandise Auctions
Manish Nath
Tech Lead - Indulge
Manish is a expert in mobile Applications development. He has lead several teams across different platforms to build groundbreaking products​.
After working in Silicon Valley for about 2 years he realised that India is the place to be. From small scale startups like Zuli & Thrill to big corporate giants like Walt Disney, Chevron, Logitech & BestBuy - he has worked with all. In his free time he embraces the hardware geek in him and likes to play with Arduinos and RaspberryPi.

Vikas Jain
Tech Lead - Shyppit
Vikas heads up tech for Shyppit, and has over 12 years of strong technical experience with software development across a number of technologies and frameworks.
He has worked with a number of leading technology companies inlcuding MakeMyTrip, India's largest online travel company, and Kninbus, a leading scholarly research tool. He has worked on complete life cycle of multiple eCommerce projects right from inception till maintenance. Extremely focused and target oriented.
Aditi Bharagava
Director - Operations
Aditi oversees operations for Indulge and AlternaCare, including managing data collection & verification, vendor onboarding etc.
Aditi started her career at KPMG and then worked with Bajaj Finance in the wealth management space. She has a B.Com degree from Delhi University.
A destination for the world to come and watch, learn about/from, explore and connect with their faith.
A platform that aggregates video, social and other exclusive content from a number of religious figures, temples, churches and more.
Allows followers to have access to these experiences from anywhere in the world with a phone.
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