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International Students & Career Services

A career counselor's guide to providing tailored career services targeting unique needs of international students attending U.S. colleges.

Gurbet Akdogan

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of International Students & Career Services

Open Doors 2012
Fast Facts Total Enrollment: 764,495

Increase: 6% over prior year

3.7% of total USA enrollment International Students
Career Services Places of Origin Fields of study Financial Support USA International Students Advantages $22.7 billion contribution to
U.S. economy 2011/2012

Positive social impact

New perspectives

Relationship with emerging
leaders worldwide

Scientific and technical
advancement Quality education

Educational and professional Opportunities

Flexible programs

Global skill set

Developing contacts worldwide International Students College Experience Differences in Academics Finances Intercultural Issues Adjustment Educational system
College admission
Academic requirements
Rules and expectations
Value of academic success
Classroom culture
Professor's role
Respectful conduct
Group dynamics
Class discussions Career Issues Career Placement Career Uncertainty Transition back to home Decision-making difficulties
Family expectations
Cultural norms
Country-of-origin obligations
Financial considerations Out-of-state tuition
Work restrictions
Depletion of family resources
Limited access to USA funds
GPA requirements for home government scholarships
Obligation to repay with service for years "Ambassador" role
Stereotyping & Discrimination
Conflicting values
Differences in social manners
Being misunderstood Unfamiliarity with USA employment
Difficulty in locating U.S. job openings
Less internship/co-op access
Shortage of work visas
Employment complexities
Cultural barriers
U.S. job search documents
Interviewing skills Starting from scratch
Inability to navigate social structures
Language barriers
Lack of support system
Difficulty in making friends
Different food/environment
Psychological and physical discomfort Resources Transition to New Life New food, new climate
New educational system
New employment system
New society and value system
New communication styles Career Services One-on-one Group Counseling Outreach Collaborative Effort Other Student appointment
E-mail counseling International student discussion groups
Adjustment to US & college
US Educational culture
Social network
Culture shock
Job Search Skills group University of South Florida Fall 2012 Enrollment Statistics USA Destinations SUGGESTIONS FOR CAREER COUNSELORS HELP-SEEKING BEHAVIORS of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS More appropriate for collectivist cultures
Sense of security & safety
Within-group variance of different cultures Narrative
Meanings, themes, cultural values, family expectations with own their words

Family and societal influences on career choice
Circumscription and compromise
Facilitates rapport building

Communication in native language Suggested Techniques Advantages Liaison to other departments
International Student Services
Student Health
Counseling Center
Provide service within their offices
One-stop service under one roof Change in cultural identity
Transfer of educational expertise
Pressure to find well-paying jobs
Fitting back to existing conditions
Change in family & friend relationships Greater need of career counseling
Underutilization of resources & Premature termination
Barriers to seeking counseling services:
Lack of knowledge about career services
Gender - Males less likely to seek counseling
Strong social support system
Language barriers
Little or no previous counseling experience
Cultural beliefs regarding mental-health
Perception of counselor roles
Low levels of acculturation Self-Assessment
Career Exploration
U.S. Employment
Job-search skills Topics Types Remember the international students are "the cream of the crop" of their home societies
Recognize the contribution of international students to U.S. society
Do not assume that the existing services meet their unique needs
Improve multicultural competencies
Avoid stereotyping - focus on individual differences
Diversify counseling techniques and interventions
Be proactive in the delivery of services and reach out
Use culturally relevant services
Provide programming targeting unique needs
Examine your own attitude towards students with diverse backgrounds & foreign workers in job market Promotion of the career services
Brochures in various languages
Tailored workshops & presentations
On-campus employment
U.S. job-search documents
Networking & Interviewing Crockett, S. A., & Hays, D. G. (2011). Understanding and Responding to the Career Counseling Needs of International College Students on U.S. Campuses.
Journal of College Counseling, 14, 65-79.

Northwestern University University Career Services. International Student Career Guide. Retrieved from http://www.northwestern.edu/careers/media/pdfs/internationalstudentcareerguide.pdf

Shen, Y. , & Herr E. L. (2004). Career Placement Concerns of International Graduate Students: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Career Development, 31, 15-29.

Singaravelu, H. D., White L. J., & Bringaze T. B. (2005). Factors Influencing International Students' Career Choice : A Comparative Study. Journal of Career Development, 32, 45-59.

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Yang, E., Wong, S. C. Hwang, M. H., & Heppner, M. J. (2002). Widening our global view: The development of career counseling services for international students. Journal of Career Development, 28, 203-213.

University of South Florida International Services. Current International Enrollment Data Charts. Retrieved from http://global.usf.edu/is/downloads/stats/Fall_2012_Enrollment.pdf

University of Missouri International Students' Career Services. http://career.missouri.edu/ISCS/

Institute of International Education (2012) Open Doors 2012 Fast Facts. Retrieved from http://www.iie.org/Research-and-Publications/Open-Doors/Data/Fast-Facts Peer Mentoring from graduate international students
Collaboration with international alumni
Career Fair with more employers providing sponsorship
Online resources addressing international students' needs
Computer software/ Career information in diverse languages Gurbet Akdogan
University of South Florida Residence halls
Student activities centers
Student clubs
Other campus settings College Experience
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