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Surgical Tech

Powerpoint Presentation For Healthcare Directions Seminar

Cory Lewis

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Surgical Tech

Surgical Technologist also known as the Operating Room Technicians, Who are the prime helpers of the Doctors during different surgeries. Surgical Technologist JOB DUTIES Prepare operating rooms for surgery Sterilize equipment and make sure that there are adequate supplies for surgery Prepare patients for surgery, such as washing and disinfecting incision sites Help surgeons and nurses during surgery by passing them instruments and other sterile supplies SALARY EDUCATION CLINICAL INTERNSHIP Gaining experience due to hands on activities is a big way to get to the top & a fat pay check. Understanding Science & Medical Skills Medical Terminology
Intro to Anatomy & Physiology4
Intro to Surgical Technology4
Clinical I – Surgical/Operating2
Fundamentals of Perioperative Concepts Surgical Procedures
Pharmacology for Health Professions
Surgical Procedures
Clinical III4
Professional Readiness Accredited Programs 2 yr. Associate Degree Community Colleges Vocational Schools Certification Employment opportunities According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a projected 25 percent increase in employment over the course of the 2008 to 2018 decade The demand for employment will come from the rising elderly population, broadening healthcare services, and technological developments contributing to a favorable job market for qualified professionals. Work Environment Surgical Hospitals Dentist Office Outpatient Care Centers Specialized Trainings DETAIL Oriented Dexterity Stamina Stress-Managing skills
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