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Population, Computers, and Culture Wars

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daniela chavez

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Population, Computers, and Culture Wars

Population, Computers, and Culture Wars
Jinri kim
Daniela Chávez

Traditional values against New values

Conflict going to intensify in the 21st century

Social transformation can't be stopped (family)
Change in trends, change in perspective
The Population Bust
This leads to a whole new conception of the family in economic, social and political terms:

*Fertility does not longer mean economic wealth
*Role of the woman changes from one main activity (mother) to various
*Fewer population, larger education
Political Consequences
Trend unstoppable because the demographic realities of the world are being transformed.

End of the population explosion that lasted two centuries

European Age (built on perpetually expanding population) replaced by American Age (where the norm is living with under population)

Drop in Europe's population from 728 million people to 550-650 million in 2050.

Declining population means declining power.

1750: 1 billion people
1950: 3 billion people
The population tripled in 200 years

2000: 6 billion people
The population doubled in 50 years

2050: 9 billion people
The population augmented 50% in 50 years

2100: 10 billion people
Population augmented 11% in 50 years
Friedman, G. (2009). Population, Computers, and Culture Wars. The Next 100 Years (50-64). New York, USA: DoubleDay.

UNEP (2011). World Population Development sustainablescale.org

How traditionalists within all religious groups react?
To insist to maintain traditional role of family and marriage.
To focus on reproduction, large family, and traditional values.

the significance of an idea is in its practical consequences. An idea without practical consequences, it follows, lacks meaning.

-The computer reshapes American culture
-The computer is the real foundation of American hegemony.

The computer and American Culture

For me, everything is number!

American Pragmatism
By 2100, the growth population rate is expected to half.
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