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Customer & Call Center Agent

RightNow Features An Overview

Ponniah Chidambaram

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Customer & Call Center Agent

Customer & Call Center An Overview Session on RightNow Product Features SURESH Customer: My Way of Finding Answer and Asking Question..!

Agent: My Way of Responding You..!

Features: Web Self Service | KnowledgeBase | Answers | Submit a Question | Smart Assistant | Standard Text | Email Management | Queues Customer: I love chat - are you there?
Agent: Me too..! Dint you notice my status - "Am Not At All Busy"

Features: Chat | Co Browse Customer: I can only talk - using quick dials only for Customer Care..
Agent: Stay connected..! Am on the way to talk to you..!

Features: Agent Scripting | Guided Assistance Customer - Are you there in fb, twitter?
Social User - Yes Sir, you can connect/ add/ follow us and ofcourse i do follow you..!

Features: Cloud Monitor | Facebook App | Community & Hives Marketer - My Job is to market my company..!
Customer - Will care only if it is interesting..!

Features: Campaigns | Surveys | Email Templates | Feedback How Agent sees when customers chat? 29 Jan 2013 By Once customer initiates a chat in web site, Incoming Chat Popup appears in Agent Desktop..! Conversations Characters Product Other Social Experiences Community Pages
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