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Individuality vs. Conformity

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Kylee Closner

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Individuality vs. Conformity

Theme Analysis


Signs of Conformity
Faith Birth is giving natural birth, if you are a faith birth in Gattaca you are labeled an Invalid. To be a Valid you are scientifically created at a lab. Everyone does this as it is considered the norm there.
Invalids and Valids are basically saying Poor and Rich, or Dumb and Smart, or even Black and White. Being an Invalid means you are working hard your entire life to really go nowhere, but by being a Valid, you can do so many things, do whatever you wanted to. Invalid and Valid is just another example of conformity, as well as segregation.
Signs of Individualism
The major sign of individualism in Gattaca is Vincent becoming the person he always wanted to be despite what everyone said.
Another example is that he, being a faith birth and not scientifically created, was an Invalid and therefore couldn't do anything or go anywhere because of his genes. But Jerome Marrow changes that for him.
Fahrenheit 451
Signs of Conformity
Everyone in Oceania has to wear the same overalls and all basically look the exact same. This is an example of conformity in the book 1984.
Another example would be the thoughts of everyone. No one is allowed to have their own thoughts, and if they do, death.
Hate week is another great example of conformity. Everyone participates, even if they don't want to, they are compelled to.
The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when marked.
Action or behavior in correspondence with socially accepted standards, conventions, rules, or laws.
Signs of Individualism
One major sign of individualism is Winston's journal. When he writes in his journal he is risking his life. He knows the outcome if he is caught, vaporization.
The next sign of individualism is Winston and Julia's hideouts. Again, they know that if they are caught they will be executed, yet they don't really care.
Signs of Conformity
The Firemen in Fahrenheit 451 cause the fires by burning the books that people own. They do this not because they want to and because they don't like the books, they do it because the government doesn't like the books. The government, like in 1984, are afraid if the people read, they will become smart and they will overthrow them.
Another sign is that the people all think that they are happy because they have their giant televisions and don't have to worry about anything.
Signs of Individualism
One major signs of individualism in this book was the fact that Montag is a fireman, who burns books because the government says that they are bad. But despite what the government says, he takes some books and hides them in his air vent.
1984, Gattaca, Fahrenheit 451
We chose this as our theme because we feel it is the main concept in all three works. In 1984, Winston and Julia both fight against The Party and Big Brother using their own thoughts, despite what is expected from them. In Gattaca, Jerome lets Vincent be him so he can be a Valid so he can go into space, showing everyone that Invalids can accomplish the same things that a Valid can. Lastly, in Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse sparks something in Montag. He's not exactly sure what it is but he then realizes that the government wants all the books burned because they are afraid that the people who read them will become smarter and overthrow them.
This picture shows how everyone is the same, all under the power of Big Brother. It also shows that Winston, though acting like he is the same as everyone, is really showing his individualism.
This picture is showing Jerome (far right), Vincent (center), and Irene (far left). This picture is expressing that Jerome is okay with Vincent pretending to be him, and not going along with what all the other Invalids do, wash windows and clean buildings. But Irene is the perfect example of conformity. She, being a valid, follows the rules and every protocol, because she doesn't have to worry about anything because she was created and therefore "Perfect".
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