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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

No description

Isabelle Martin

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

The life of Mare Barrow has always been defined by a simple division: that between the Reds and the Silvers. Silvers are people that are mutated. They have silver blood and supernatural abilities that allow them to rule over Reds (ordinary humans with red blood). Mare is a Red, and has always lived the life of a slave. Her world is altered in an awful, irreversible way when she stumbles into the King's court and is discovered to have electricity powers, something not even a silver is known to have. She is thrown into the life of a royal Silver, where she learns that there is so much more complexity to her world than she had ever imagined.
The theme of this book is that people should rebel against injustice, prejudice, and dictatorship, no matter the cost.

Mare and the Scarlet Guard are fighting against the ruling royals for a world where people are not judged by their blood or abilities, a world where everyone can have a fair chance at working towards bettering their lives, and a world where families do not control the government with absolute power.
Genre/Author's Purpose/Mood
The genre of this book is fantasy, but it could also be considered a dystopia.

The author's purpose was to entertain young or old readers with a thrilling, action-packed story about a young girl being the focal point of a rebellion.

The mood created in this novel is one of rebellion and protection. Mare is rebelling against the government with everything she has, but at the same time she wants to protect her family and she must choose between the two in her actions.
Victoria Aveyard
Red Queen's author is young and new to writing. She grew up in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA in screenwriting. Victoria says, "My debut
Red Queen
came out of the terrified, unemployed year after college." Her most recent book is a Red Queen novella titled Cruel Crown. It was released January 5, 2016.
Victoria Aveyard
Prezi by:
Isabelle Martin

External conflict: Scarlet Guard vs. tyrannical ruling silvers
Internal conflict: Mare wants change, but not casualties
Internal conflict: Who can I trust?
The solution in this book comes when Maven betrays Mare, becomes king, and sentences Mare and Cal to death. Mare and Cal escape with the aid of the Scarlet Guard, and prepare to help lead the rebellion.
Setting/Main Characters
The setting of
Red Queen
is a country called Norta. Norta has been at war with its neighboring country the Lakelands for many years. Norta's capital is Archeon, but most of the story takes place in Summerton, the royal summer palace. Mare grew up about ten miles from there in a Red village called the Stilts.
The main characters are:
Mare (nicknamed "the little lightning girl")
Cal (the crown prince)
Maven (Cal's younger stepbrother to whom Mare is engaged)
Farley (leader of the Scarlet Guard)
Kilorn (Mare's childhood friend)



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