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rome A-Z

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jacob Debler

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of rome A-Z

ROMAN A-Z BOOK AQUEDUCT BOOTS Aqueducts are the Roman's version of pipes.
They were used to move water around the cities.
We use this idea to help us create our water system. Red boots were a symbol of power, and royalty. Cesar used them to show his power. Dome The dome was a form of art.
It is a semi-circular form that the Romans used at the top of some of their buildings and structures. You can find domes in some of the buildings still being built today. Coliseum Created for the citezins of Rome's entertainment. There were many Gladiators that fought for honor and glory. Empire The Roman Empire was by far the greatest of its time. It had many rulers and dictators, some history has shown to be either great men or tyrant. Gladius A 22 inch sword that was used by the Roman Soldiers. It was meant for stabbing under the ribcage during close quarters battle. Jupiter jupiter was the roman version of zues.zues was a greek god and many greek gods are also roman gods. Money Money was very important during the Roman times. But the greed of the Roman people and it's Government lead to the fall of Rome. Numerals Numerals were developed by the Romans as a way to write numbers. olimpics Pottery Pottery was a very important form of art during the Roman Empire. Sculpture Sculptures were used to document the way leaders and people of importance looked. They were also a form of art that is still practiced today. Faustinus Was the the last emperor of the Gallic Empire. He was emperor during the rebellion years of273 A.D Ligeon The Roman Army was known at The Legion. They were one of the first truly organized military in history. KING ROMULUS He was the first king of Rome. OCTAVION First emperer of rome. Hatra Orthodox Was ancient Roman city. It had both Parthina and Roman styled architecture The Orthodox religion was Rome's
religion. Orthodox is a type of Christianity. ROADS Roads were very important. They made it so that people could travel from on land much easier and safer. Tubs Tubs were inside public bath houses. These were used for cleaning and also as a meeting place. QUOTES
"Anger cannot be dishonest." Marcus Aurelius. under world Under world Just like the Greeks, the Romans had gods.They also had a god of the under world. The under world was where the souls of the dead went to rest. Vallins Vallins was a Emperor. He was killed and so was his army by the Goths. It was one of the worst defeat in Roman history. WAR The Romans fought in many wars to expand theire there empire. And at it height of powers was the largest in the world.
Y I know there is nothing for Y that I found, but I did find this out. The Romans created y because v represented the greeks to much. ZODIAC
a Zodiac is a star guide. It helped identify constellations. BY JAOB DEBLER AND CRISTIAN ION NEX TIME WOUNT YOU SING WITHE ME It served as a military outpost for the Roman Empire. It was made to be a place for the injured soldiers much like a battle aid station of today. Italica Jupiter was the Roman version of Zeus. The Greeks and the Romans shared many of the same Gods and Mythology. X X is the number ten in numerules
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