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Jason and Zachary's Medal of Honor presentation

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lib hist

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Jason and Zachary's Medal of Honor presentation

Jason and Zachary's Medal of Honor presentation
Medal of Honor
-It's the highest and most difficult award to earn in the U.S

-Its rewarded for sacrifice of a honorable deed in a war.

-Only the president can award the Medal of Honor recipient
Soldier #4 Francis Sherman Currey
He was defending Malmedy,Belgium in 1944. Tanks were coming onto his position. He crossed the street and got a bazooka and destroyed one tank with one shot. When he was repositioning he found and killed three men with his automatic rifle. He realized five men were under fire so he climbed onto a half track of a destroyed vehicle with a mounted gun. In front of all the Germans he gave the five soldiers cover fire and they were able to retire safely.
-Being American is all about devoting to your country and showing all of these traits, honor, valor, and courage when respecting your country or facing any danger that could occur when you're serving in the military or being a good citizen when you are also supporting your country.
Soldier #1: Marvin R. Young
-Young was in Ben Cui, Vietnam, the initial volley of fire of the point element was pinned down and the platoon leader was killed. Young has his platoon attacked. He also went from position to position and with his courage and heroic sacrifice, he resumed his own mission until he was later engulfed by the enemy.
Soldier #2: Emory Bennett
-Bennett was near Sobangsan, Korea during the Korean War. Bennett had 2 enemy battalions swarmed up the ridge line in a charge to remove Bennett's unit on the defensive positions. When Bennett knew that the enemy surrounded him, he immediately moved through the withering fire and fired at the enemy. Bennett then remained bravely to support covering shooting until he was badly wounded by the gunfire.
Soldier #3: Charles H. Coolidge
East of Belmont Surbuttant, France October 25 1944. Coolidge ran into a group of enemies in the forest with no commanding officer around he took command. He encouraged his allies to hold their position. They held their position through the 25th and the 26th. until two enemy tanks reinforced the Germans and he called a retreat.
-For patriotism, it means love and devotion to one's country.
-Example of patriotism is when Emory Bennett sacrificed his life and supported covering shooting, he devoted himself for his country and the U.S Army.
-For honor, it means high respect or esteem.
-Example of honor is when Marvin Young was presented the Medal of Honor after the Vietnam War, he credited his unit, U.S. Army, his country, and himself.
-For valor, it means great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
-Example of valor shown is when Francis Currey knew that the five soldiers in his unit are in trouble when the German soldiers attempted to fire at them, with his great courage, he gave the five soldiers supporting shooting.
-For courage, it means the ability to do something that frightens one.
-An example of courage shown is when Marvin Young resume his solo mission to attack the enemy until he was killed by the enemy.
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