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Miller Canterbury Tales

Jonnette Whittenburg English IV Finch-3RD

Jonnette Whittenburg

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Miller Canterbury Tales

Mrs. Finch
English IV- 3rd
17 October, 2012 Jonnette Whittenburg The Canterbury Tales Inferences "The Miller was a chap of sixteen stone/ A great stout fellow big in brawn and bone." (561-562). Physical Description " His was a master-hand at stealing grain./ He felt it with his thumb and thus he knew/ Its quality and took three times his due---" (579-581) Personality Traits "...Or take a run and break it with his head." (567). Words, Actions, Experiences The Miller is an extremely skilled worker at what he does, but he tends to take it for granted.
Sins He Partakes In
Greed: the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual.
Pride: excessive belief in one's own abilities,
Virtues He Partakes In
Fortitude: never giving up.
I believe Chaucer created The Miller to exemplify a character who's ironically a well paid, important person in Medieval society, that would still steal peoples money for his own gain, so he is a thief, but yet hes going on a pilgrimage not for religious reasons but to make him look like a better person. Hypocritical!
The Miller
Page 111
Lines 561-584 "His beard, like any sow or fox, was red.../ ...And, at its very tip, his nose displayed/ A wart on which there stood a tuft of hair,/ Red as the bristles in an old sow's ear./ His nostrils were as black as they were wide." (569-573). "He liked to play his bagpipes up and down/ And that was how he brought us out of town." (583-584). Inference: He is a big boned man who is very intimidating. Inference: He is a ginger with warts and a big nose giving the impression of a gross looking being. Inference: He is very Strong!! Inference: Maybe he's Scottish? Inference: He has a talent but he "uses his powers for evil" and rips people off "He wore a hood of blue and a white coat." (582). Inference: His clothes in his depiction appear to be tattered and old, but since he does overcharge people he obviously has money but doesn't spend it on his clothes, so I'm assuming hes an alcoholic. Inference: He is not that bright if he's running into stuff to break it to show-off his strength. "A wrangler and buffoon, he had a store/ Of tavern stories, filthy in the main." (576-577). Inference: He is not a very clean person. His store is probably dingy and smelly as well as a hectic mess. "Broad, knotty and short-shouldered, he would boast/ He could heave any door off hinge and post," (565-566). Inference: He is very strong but very cocky at the same time. "He did well out of them, for he could go/ And win the ram at any wrestling show." (563-564).
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