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"The Perks Of Being a Wallflower"

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Adriana Colon

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of "The Perks Of Being a Wallflower"

Adriana Colon
Nadia C. Perez
Edgar A. Del Pozo
Gabriel Cala
Cristian Vale The Perks of being a Wallflower
Chapter 2: Setting Introduction Conclusion - In this presentation we are going to talk about the setting of the novel “The Perks of being a Wallflower”.
- By setting of a story we mean its time and place. The idea of setting includes the physical environment of a story: a house, a street, a city, a landscape, a region.
- In addition to place, setting may crucially involve the time of the story, year, or century.
- The setting may also influence in somesituations of the novel.
- A particular setting can create a mood or provides clues to a protagonist nature.
- The settings are not static, they change as the story go on. We will apply these elements to the novel which is about the trailer that we are going to show you guys now. Locale Atmosphere Actually in this part not seen an exact location, however it is notable that is in a high school in the United States. Regionalism ACTIVITY 1. For fear of who or what is that Patrick
and Brad hide their sexual preferences? 2. In part two the season of the year is... 3. The dominant mood or feeling that pervades all parts of a literally work is... 4. When we refer places where the story takes place we're talking about the... 5. In the 90's there is a historical Fiction about the ____ of the LGBT community in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" 6. What determinable factor affects human behavior in the
novel. 7. Most of the story takes place in the High School.
what term of the setting of the story is this? Setting Naturalism Some writers consider the social and economic setting the most important element in the story. They present social environment as the determining factor in human behavior. Is fiction of grim realism, which the writer observes human character like a scientist observing ants, seeing them as the products and victims of environment and heredity. In the reading of chapter two it’s presented in this situations; abuse, discrimination and machismo. -It’s represented in the letter of December 25 of 1991 where Charlie presents the story of this grandmother from the paternal side. He said that his grandmothers first husband die in the war of Korea.
-That his dad and his aunt Rebecca were very young at that time and for that resound she moved with then to his great uncle Phil.
-Later after a few years passed, his grandmother was feeling very sad because she has two litter kids and also was tired from waitress all the time.
-Then one day, she was working at a dinner and this truck driver asked her on a date, and at the time passed they got married. When the time passed that trucker turned to be a terrible person that hit Charlie’s dad, aunt Rebecca and his grandmother during seven years.
-Al ended when uncle Phil saw bruises on aunt Rebecca and with some friends form the factory took the stepfather and beat him really bad that he died the fourth day at the hospital. -Abuse: -Discrimination: it’s represented in the story in the letter of November 7 of 1991 when Charlie talks about when Patrick explains the relationship that he had whit Brad. And Brad tells Patrick that nobody could know about their relationship.

He explains the fear that Brad has about that any one find out his sexual orientation in the school, in this football team or his parents and also fear the consequence in the tipe of society of that time that criticizes and marginalize the LGBT community. Also that notice can be able to affect their welfare. -Machismo: its represented in the letter of December 25 of 1991 when Charlie’s dad star telling the story of M.A.S.H. and he winked at Charlie because years before their wear watching that movie on TV and everybody was impact and crying except his father, during the movie he goes to makes him a sandwich and moments latter Charlie fallow him to the kitchen and found him crying and he said that our litter secret. And in second place the exaltation of the older brother for this physical strength and agility at football.

Where presents a stereotype of a man that no cries because its reflects an absence of manliness and then when the big brother gets exalt for entering in a football university, for appearing on TV, for his strength and ability beside the miss treat of the other for their intellectual goals. Atmosphere is the dominant mood or feeling that pervades all parts of a literary work and refers to the total effect conveyed by the author’s use of language, images and physical setting.
Physical setting refers the place, the time and the weather because they’re elements in achieving the author’s intention. What is the geographic region that takes the novel in the second half? Thinking about regionalism, the geographic region affects something of a character? The geographical area as such does not affect any person because for that time of the 1991-1992 U.S. cities had more or less the same discrimination and prejudice. •“Sometimes, I look outside, and I think that a lot of other people have seen this snow before.”(page 95) This sentence of the novel lets us know that the place where the story takes snows. Given this, it is possible that the city where all this is going is in the north of the
United States.

•Two places of great importance is the home of Bob and Charlie’s house, as these places in a way affects the protagonist.

•The story takes place in a suburb of Pittsburgh during the 1991-1992 school year. Notes: The story takes place during the Academic year (winter and summer). During winter break Charlie was very happy because he had fun with his friends. This reminded him of when he was little and he also felt happy because he had fun with his aunt, his old, best friend. This story takes place during the 90's where society discriminated against people based under sexual preferences. That's why Brad, his best friend lover, hid his true feelings from his family and friends. He's scared that people might make fun of him or discriminate against him for being a homosexual. The authors set the time because it helps the readers to know that the author writes for a specific audience, youngsters, so that they can identify with the story. The weather plays a meaningful role in the story's action by changing the mood of the characters.
When Charlie is sitting in the middle of a pick-up with two nice people (Patrick and Sam) the weather changes. If it starts to rain that means Charlie's mood changed from a lonely and sad one to a happy one because now he has friends. A relationship can be seen between Charlie and the setting of the story by how his mood sometimes changed with the different settings.
When he starts school he felt lonely and invisible, but when he was at the party, in contrast, he felt happy and loved by his friends. • The setting is the background in which the
story takes place, mostly the time and place.
• The time is in the 90’s.
• The place is on the state of Pittsburgh.
• The setting is mostly in a school, Charlie is a
freshman. He meets Patrick and Sam there,
that are seniors. • The novel starts in August, but Part 2 starts in
November, which we infer that the Christmas
holiday break is going to start soon.
• Also the climate of the story since its in
winter, obliviously its cold and snowy in
Pittsburgh. The novel “The Perks of being a Wallflower” takes place in a suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Charlie never tell us exactly where he lives because he did not mentioned his address in the letters. We can inferred that the story takes place in Pittsburgh because Charlie’s brother goes to Penn State University which is about 140 miles of Pittsburgh and then Sam decides to go there, too.
We could assume that they'd chosen a nearby college. Another clue is that Charlie's dad's relatives live in Ohio, which according to Charlie is a "two-hour drive" . And another clue that clearly states where takes place the novel is when Charlie, Sam, and Patrick drive through that symbolic tunnel and feel "infinite" , Charlie names it in his letter: "the Fort Pitt Tunnel". And to be more exactly, part of the novel takes place in the school and other parts takes place at Patrick and Sam’s house.
-That’s why this represents a domino effect that starts with the desperation of this grandmother for the economic welfare that leads her to start a new relationship.
-Then that decision leads to a result of seven years of physical abuse to her and her children that also affect their personality and character development.
-That later on it reflects on the continuously divorce of aunt Rebecca and in Charlie’s dad in the way to express love to his wife and to his child’s because he was curt and without physical affection. Journal: in part two of the novel what are the different changes of setting that appear? In conclusion we can infer that the setting of part two has the most variety of settings because it is in the time of the Christmas recess, in contrast of the other chapters that have a few settings because most of the time they're at the school. That's why there are more letters of Charlie because there's more free time to spend in new Christmas activities and he got more experiences to talk about. The happy feelings that he has with his new friends and Christmas Holiday makes him remember his past with his aunt and starts to have the flashbacks of those moments.
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