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P1 describe 4 realistic job opportunities

No description

richard riseley

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of P1 describe 4 realistic job opportunities

Sports Coach A sports coach teaches skills and correct techniques for particular sports to those who participate regularly in sport (e.g. football coach). They will be able to work at different levels from beginner to expert (Sunday league to Professional). They aim to increase; confidence, ability, enjoyment and develop their talent for the sport. There are certain qualifications required in order to be a sports coach, such as; BTEC national certificate/diploma in sport (coaching). In addition usually at least 1-2 A levels and some GCSEs (A*-C) including English and Math, however this is for entry to BTEC higher national course in sport and exercise science (coaching). They work unsocial and irregular hours, including weekends and evenings. May need to travel to attend use of training facilities (traveling abroad may be necessary i.e. at professional level traveling around Europe to attend different competitions) Furthermore they are responsible for the safety and welfare of their trainees and for instructing them in the rules and regulations of that particular sport. Fitness Instructor Provides exercise instruction to improve a persons fitness and usually specializes in an area such as aerobics, keep fit,circuit training and weight training. Personal trainers and instructors may devise an individual training programme for their clients. They also ensure their clients don't injure themselves through exercising too vigorously or incorrectly. Working hours may vary, and they may be expected to work some evenings and at weekends. work includes teaching, advising, supervising and organizing people. Normally work with adults in studios, gyms, halls or sometimes in clients homes. You have to demonstrate certain fitness exercises so you need to be supple and fit. An interest and ability in exercise plus the right personal qualities are often more important than qualifications for entry to the courses. No specific qualifications are needed for entry to courses and entry requirements may be relaxed for physically fit adults. Teacher: Physical Education They teach a wide range of physical education activities and sports to young people of all abilities, in the gym, and also outdoors on playing fields, track and courts. Motivates and develops pupils talent in sport. they organize and supervise indoor and outdoor games and supporting events, giving coaching to groups and to individuals. Plans competitions, matches and other activities, including taking groups to an outdoor activity center and accompanying school teams to matches at other schools. They will have to attend staff meetings, training and development days, and parent evenings. Usually works 39 weeks a year with contact teaching time usually worked between 9am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. You should be able to relate well to young people and are responsible for supporting learners and reaching required learning targets. The job could involve undertaking out of hours duties and also working at home. You will have to be on your feet most of the day, carrying and moving equipment and walking around depending on the activity. you will be required to wear sportswear most of the working day. Qualifications include: Band 5, for degree courses, 2-3 A levels, possibly including PE or sports studies, and some GCSE's (A*-C). A degree in PE or sports science. Pool lifeguard Keeps a close watch on swimmers using a swimming pool especially beginners and children. Walks around the pool, or sits on a raised chair and observes the swimmers, and keeps a close eye on chutes, flumes and diving boards. Stops any bad behavior and makes sure the swimmers are safe. Helps people in trouble and gives any first aid if required, including resuscitation if necessary. They monitor water state and check check filter pumps. They have to be a good swimmer and be competent in lifesaving techniques. They work a basic 37 hour week, much of the work is seasonal and part time. They are responsible for the swimmer safety and need to be alert at all times in case of accidents. They have to monitor the hygiene of the water and checking the filter and chemical levels. Have a good level of general knowledge, GCSE's in maths and English. No real qualifications required. This would not be a realistic job as i would not be a trained life guard, therefore i would not be qualified to take this on a work experience. also there is a great deal of responsibility involved (i.e. how to perform CPR and know what to do if someone is drowning.) however i could shadow a lifeguard to see how they take out their role, also i may be to do some aspect of the job such observing the pool and making sure the swimmers are safe. This role would be better suited than the others as i could shadow a PE teacher, and learn from them, then after the first week if i feel confident enough i cold perhaps under supervision take a class out and do some parts of the lesson e.g. the warm up. This would be suitable for me as i could shadow the sports coach for 1-2 days, then in those two days i could learn various techniques and skills which i could use if i were able to teach a training session. however i would have to be supervised at all times. Like a pool life guard i wouldn't be able to do this due to my lack of knowledge and training, furthermore there is also a lot of content to do with the human body, such as muscles and health related fitness, this requires knowledge that fitness instructors would have studied for a number of years. however i could shadow the fitness instructor to see how he trains his clients. i may be able to do some aspects such as setting training equipment up. After evaluating the 4 possible jobs it is clear that there are only 2 appropriate ones; a sports coach and PE teacher. The fitness instructor and the pool lifeguard are both job roles which i would have to have certain qualifications and higher training, as there is a great deal of responsibility and its not something a work place student should be trusted with (i.e. pool lifeguard involves saving peoples lives.). On the other hand the sports coach and a PE teacher, are much more realistic as within them roles i can perform many tasks e.g. doing a warm up of exercises/sessions, also i could do the warm down. also sorting out the equipment which would be needed etc.
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